Express charging from Xiaomi this year on smartphones

Xiaomi has already boasted of its fast charging technology with a power of 200 W – according to the latest reports, the manufacturer will deliver this solution to the market very soon. To our surprise, Oppo is also on his heels.

Almost eight months have passed since Xiaomi presented its HyperCharge fast charging technology to the world. In May 2021, the Chinese manufacturer boasted a new solution that allows you to charge your smartphone wired with a power of 200 W and wirelessly with a power of 120 W:

I look at what Xiaomi has done and feel like throwing my Galaxy S21 out the window

According to Xiaomi, it allows you to charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery in just 8 or 15 minutes (wired and wireless in turn). This is a big breakthrough – 120W wired charging is the most popular solution on the market. It is already really fast, but it is still not enough for the Chinese manufacturer.


Xiaomi breaks records for charging speed

200 W from Xiaomi soon in smartphones

A few months after the premiere, leakster DigitalChatStation reports that Xiaomi fast charging may finally hit the market! According to the report, the Chinese manufacturer is working on it diligently. Reports also reveal that Xiaomi may start mass production of this solution on its smartphones in the second quarter of 2022.

Interestingly, leakster also claims that it will also be able to fight for the title of the manufacturer of the fastest-charging smartphones Oppo – unfortunately, he has not revealed more details so far. So far, in the context of this brand, there has been talk of fast charging with a power of 125 W. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturer also does not plan to stop at such solutions. I bet, however, that Xiaomi will bring a 200W fast charge first.


This is not the end of the unique technologies that manufacturers are working on. Motorola and Xiaomi also have solutions that allow you to charge smartphones completely wirelessly:

Are you waiting for it too? Motorola will charge your smartphone from across the room!

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