Extraordinary Memphis goal helps Atlético beat promoted Granada

Extraordinary Memphis goal helps Atlético beat promoted Granada

Atlético de Madrid took the lead, were caught before relying on Memphis to beat Granada, promoted to La Liga (3-1). Antoine Griezmann and Thomas Lammer were the starters.

l’atleti Started the game with a bang. Kolconeros wanted no surprises on back-to-school day and approached with the mentality of a lion in attack and a gladiator in defense. with antoine griezmann who got his number 7 under control, newcomer caesar azpilicueta And Yannick Carrasco Created threat on the sides and provided balls alvaro Morta,

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9 Rojiblanco had all kinds of chances. They missed some clear chances, but began to combine as half-time approached. In the 44th minute, he collected the winning ball from Jesus Vallejo following a superb cross from Azpilicueta. The Metropolitano heaved a sigh of relief. Two minutes later, Morata scored his second goal which was disallowed for offside.

Morata tried several times and didn’t stop until he scored.


The players returned to the locker room and the fans brought out their sandwiches in the stands, with comments and debate over the whistles. joao felixwound of the untouchable coke resurgenceits replacement by exciting pablo barrios And Morata’s suitability to be the team’s starting striker.

in the second half, grenade Expressed more desire paco lopez The powder was set on fire and the Nazarites reacted. Samuel OmorodianThe 19-year-old striker, born in Nigeria but a Spanish international in the youth ranks, was making life difficult jan oblak, The Slovenian saved his first chance from close range but could not keep out the second, a serious mistake from Carrasco and a good pass that was born. gonzalo villar,

Atlético de Madrid 3 – 1 Granada statistics


The Metropolitano is silent. The ghosts are back to haunt the enclosure. MemphisMorata’s replacement, put the fans out of their fury with a missile from the right. He struck the ball from outside the box with great power and accuracy. Perfect trajectory, perfect skylight, golazo. Even the two goalkeepers could not stop the goal!

Depay and Griezmann celebrate the Dutchman’s goal


Granada tried to make a final push, but Atleti created a lot of threat on the counter. In the 92nd minute, Oblak saved two points by thwarting a spectacular strike. myrto Uzuni,

few seconds from the end, angel korea And marcos lorente Suspense ended. The Spaniard won the ball after a tough challenge from the Argentine and made the adjustment Andre Ferreira from left (3-1, Atleti started the home party against a very combative Granada.

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