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The conductor of the Bbc Martine Croxallwhich will not air until the facts are clarified, reports the Guardian. The journalist of the British state TV is accused of having reacted with excessive enthusiasm, when around 11.30 pm yesterday 23 October, when, during the press review of the broadcast The Papers (“The Newspapers”), he learned that Boris Johnson would not be running for Tory leadership – and possibly prime minister for a second time – after Liz Truss resigned. Nominations for the position, now occupied by former state chancellor Rishi Sunak, had to be submitted by this afternoon, but yesterday evening the hypothesis of Johnson’s resignation was made concrete. Commenting on the news, Croxall, with a broad smile on her face, defined herself “gleeful»(In Italian” happy “, full of evident and exuberant joy). The presenter – one of the best-known faces of the British national broadcaster – is therefore under investigation for a “potential breach of impartiality”. Starting the program, Croxall opened by saying, “Well, it’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Welcome to our look into the future of what newspapers will bring us tomorrow. I can be like that enthusiastic? Well, they are ». The excitement was evident in the movements, expressions and voice of the host.

The accusations of impartiality by the conservatives

Later, when one of the guests made a joke about Boris Johnson, the host laughed, and then almost accused herself: “I probably shouldn’t laugh. I’m probably breaking a rule of fairness by giggling, ”she said in front of the cameras. Following the broadcast, protests began to mount. On social media, viewers have complained, as have numerous Conservative MPs who have returned to accuse the BBC of not being impartial. Among these was the former Minister of Culture, the Johnsonian Nadine Dorriesthat has tweeted: «The BBC’s service is public and is paid for by a public that has overwhelmingly voted for a conservative government. This lack of impartiality shows how deeply rooted prejudice is “

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