Eye contour, how to use and apply the cream?

There are the so-called happiness wrinkles, which appear on the eye contouron the sides more precisely, given by all the times we laughed so much that we even smiled with our eyes, and then there are the dark and sometimes swollen signs that testify to sleepless nights, disordered (or simply lived) life and the genetics that reminds us of our belonging.

In front of the mirror, dark circles and bags are theblemish that worries most women. It has been calculated that the increase in the use of meeting and video calling platforms can be compared to self-observation in front of the mirror for about half an hour a day. A behavior that has led to focus on the eyes as a problematic element of the face. After all, this area is the most prone to skin aging because the skin is thinner and also reflects our emotions more: do we have a sad look? Turned off? Are we tired? Are you stressed? The eyes don’t lie.

Do you know what the problem is?

“I thought they were bags, but they weren’t.” After having tried Lancôme’s Skin Screen technology on my skin, which allows me to carry out an in-depth analysis of skin problems, what I have always believed were bags, or subcutaneous swellings due to the sliding of the tissues downwards and the relaxation of the orbicular muscle , were instead swollen dark circles, mainly due to stagnation of liquids. The Lancôme skin expert who read and interpreted the test results with me, so “calmed” me and I had proof of how skin analysis is the most accurate tool to identify the problem and then apply the product right.

Face gym: facial gymnastics for the eye area

After applying the specific eye cream, some face gym exercises help to deflate the area and make the skin more toned. orbicular musclewhose lack of reactivity, which worsens with age, causes bags under the eyes. Veronica Rocca, facial gymnastics expert and founder of Face Training, recommends performing these exercises at least three times a week (more or less with the same regularity as in the gym) for about a minute. Because even the muscles of the face, which we often forget we have, can be trained to counteract the force of gravity.

1st exercise. Place the index finger under the eyes, applying light pressure and blinking continuously. You will feel the orbicularis muscle activate.

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