Ezia Higelin receives support from the Francofolies… Jenna Ortega celebrates 12 Emmy Award nominations for “Wednesday”…

13 July 2023

Rob Kardashian may return to reality TV

Absent from family series for a while, Rob Kardashian hasn’t completely given up on the desire to make television. His sister Courtney is optimistic about his return to the screen anyway.

“I think Rob will be back on the show. He talks about it a lot.’ Really. But I know Rob has gone through many personal trials. He really is the best dad I know and I’m so proud of him for that. He feels really good about himself. So I Have faith that, he will be back on screen soon,” said his elder sister during a confessional kardashian,

After experiencing bouts of depression as well as a chaotic and violent relationship with the mother of his daughter Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian has stepped back from the family show.

Jenna Ortega celebrates 12 ‘Wednesdays’ Emmy nominations

Ezia Higelin is supported by the Francofolies

If Francofolies’ boss, Gérard Pont, was “very shocked” by Isiah Higelin’s words against Emmanuel Macron, whom he imagined assassinating on stage, that much was clear. He said, “It is not in turmoil that you leave the people you love.” Parisian who asked him whether the singer would be on stage despite the controversy.

“We love her, that’s why we invited her”, said Gérard Pont, who specified that Ezia Higelin is “part of the Francofolie family”.

And the singer really set the mood yesterday.

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