F1 2023 Japan GP Schedule

1962. Soichiro HondaAs you know, he worked for a car company and was a man with great ambitions. Wanting to build Honda into an automotive powerhouse, he decided the company needed to have its own test track. Dutchman John Hugenholz was responsible for designing the now iconic circuit. Suzuki However, the original drawing had the circuit repeated up and down three times, which I think was great.

The high-speed circuit continues to be one of the greatest driving challenges, with twisting S-curves, two Degners rewarding dedication and a blank ride on the 130R all at one of F1’s most original circuits. It is a highlight. And what makes it unique is the intersection.

Japanese trucks were relatively slow on the European calendar. F1first appeared in 1987. nigel mansell He will remember well the weekend when he suffered an accident in qualifying and was forced to drop out of the race, handing that year’s championship to his loyal rival. Nelson Piquet.
Legendary F1 moments (especially Prost and Senna), a unique group of fans who are unashamedly passionate about playing F1 dress-up, Ferris wheels, and delicious food.

Data and numbers:


Japan Grand Prix Japan

Suzuka City, Japan

track length 5,807km
race distance 53 laps/307,471km.
Direction of travel clockwise
curve 18 (10 left, 8 right)
pole position place right
2023 F1 Japan GP Schedule

2023 F1 Japan GP Schedule

Photo credit: Bernardo Maldonado

Where to watch the Japanese GP on TV in Latin America


tv set

Saturday Sunday

Mexico Mexico

FOX Sports Premium

Race: 23:00

Costa Rica Costa Rica

belize belize


Race: 23:00

Panama Panama

Columbia Columbia

Peru Peru

ecuador ecuador


Race: 00:00

Venezuela Venezuela

Bolivia Bolivia

puerto rico puerto rico

dominican republic dominican republic


Race: 01:00

paraguay paraguay


Race: 01:00

Argentina Argentina

Chile Chile

Uruguay Uruguay



Race: 02:00

Latest podium:

The last pole:

Last fast lap:

What happened at the 2022 Japanese GP

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