F1, Budget Cap Red Bull: the FIA ​​press release, conference at 6.30pm

The Federation has announced the penalties against Red Bull, which accepted the plea agreement following the ceiling of the Budget Cap breached in 2021: fine of 7 million dollars and 10% less time for aerodynamic tests next year ( wind tunnel and computer simulations). And the note reads: “The team did not act in bad faith”. At 6.30 pm the team conference. The World Championship is in Mexico: all weekend live on Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport Uno, in 4K and streaming on NOW


There Red Bull violated the Budget Cap and now, on the weekend of the Mexican GP, ​​the FIA following the plea agreement accepted by the Milton Keynes team, it issued the communications on sanctions which must be discounted: there is a fine of 7 million dollars that the team will have to pay following the violations (under 5%) that involved the 2021 championship. Here everything that has been decided and the related documents, while at 18.30 Italian there will be a Red Bull conference.

$ 7 million fine

In its FIA note confirmation a fine of 7 million dollars for Red Bull and 10% less time for aerodynamic tests next year (wind tunnel and computer simulations). Red Bull was £ 1.8 million (1.6%) above the budget limit.

“There was no bad faith on the part of Red Bull”

“Red Bull Racing was found to be in violation of the Budget Cap – reads the FIA ​​press release – however, the administration of the cost limit has acknowledged that Red Bull Racing has acted cooperatively throughout the review process e tried to provide further information and evidence when requested in a timely manner, that this is the first year of full application of the Regulation financial is that there is no allegation or evidence that the team tried at any time to act in bad faithin a dishonest or fraudulent way, nor has intentionally hidden any information from the Cost Cap Administration “.

The reasons for the sanction

The FIA ​​therefore claims that Red Bull did not act intentionally. And if the team had properly documented a £ 1.4 million tax deduction, the figures would have been satisfied. So the overshoot would have been 0.37 percent instead of 1.6.

The summary of the Red Bull penalties for the violation of the Budget Cap

  • Fine of 7 million dollars.
  • 10% less time for aerodynamic tests next year (wind tunnel and computer simulations).

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