FAA to assess possible violations in Boeing plane manufacturing

The Federal Aviation Administration launched an investigation into Boeing after a safety incident involving an Alaska Airlines 737 Max 9 aircraft. (EFE/Andy Lane)

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced on Thursday, January 11, that it will begin investigation On whether the aerospace giant boeing company Comply with regulations to ensure the aircraft they manufacture can operate safely.

boeing company There may be no guarantee that its finished product will meet its requirements approved design and be able to work with Safety I agree with you Inspection and testing procedures of Quality system“explain FAA In a letter to the company located in seattle.

this FAA Some people couldn’t move on Saturday Boeing 737 Max 9 After a controversial incident on a flight last week Alaska Airlines.During one operation, a door-like panel came off flight, leaving a big hole in the plane.Thrilling incident passenger and renewed scrutiny of a company that manufactured the aircraft involved in two incidents fatal plane crash 2018 and 2019.

Boeing faces investigation after parts detached during Alaska Airlines flight. (National Transportation Safety Board/Reuters)

Thursday’s announcement marks wider research Regarding problems that may arise after the plane takes off FAA Said she was told of other ‘differences’ Up to 9. “this event “This kind of thing should never have happened and cannot happen again,” the agency said in a statement. Made by Boeing They must meet high safety standards that they are legally obliged to comply with. “

this FAA Officially notify the company investigation in a letter sent Thursday.this National Transportation Safety Board “It is also investigating Friday’s incident.” This is a statement, boeing company said: “We will work with FAA and National Transportation Safety Board in their investigation. “

he Boeing CEO Employees were told at a company meeting on Tuesday that the aerospace giant would recognize their “mistake” and will transparently try to move forward after dozens of planes were grounded Chapter 737 Maximum 9 go through Security Question. “We will address this issue by first admitting our mistakes,” he said. Dave Calhoun, according to an excerpt provided by the company. “We will do this with 100 percent, complete transparency every step of the way.”

A panel detached mid-flight, causing passengers to panic and question Boeing. (National Transportation Safety Board/Reuters)

this FAA Previously announced grounding 171 Boeing Max 9 aircraft until they are realized formal inspection airplane.But the airline has not started yet formal inspection due to lack of clarity boeing company and FAAwhich requires formal procedures to allow the aircraft to fly again. Alaska and United Airlines They are the only two American companies that own these aircraft Boeing Max 9 in their fleet.

this National Transportation Safety BoardThe person responsible for the investigation into the January 5 accident has recovered part, as. .and be known Door topthe researchers say, would provide valuable clues as to why the part failed.

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