Fable 4 – Playground Games is just looking for people who will prepare the game. It can only mean one thing …

Fable 4 - Playground Games is just looking for people who will prepare the game.  It can only mean one thing ...At the time of its premiere, Fable was one of the most unusual RPGs on the market. The first part of the game was remembered thanks to the fantastically told story, in which we could do virtually every task in two different ways – good and bad. More importantly, the elections did not only give the illusion of their importance, but also significantly influenced the course of the campaign. With their help, we were able to determine whether the character we control would be a type of noble hero with a halo over his head or his complete opposite. It’s been 18 years since the premiere of the first Fable, and although we got two more sequels along the way, they were not as successful as the original. It’s no wonder that fans who grew up with this series are still nostalgic for the next installment.

The new Fable AKA Fable 4 is to appear on PCs and the Xbox Series X / S console. The latest reports from the industry, however, strongly suggest that the game will not make its debut for several years.

Fable 4 - Playground Games is just looking for people who will prepare the game.  It can only mean one thing ... [1]

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Fable 4 has been in development for at least 4 years. Or maybe differently – 4 years ago we received the first indications that the “four” sooner or later will end up in the hands of players. From that moment on, the new Fable has not been heard or heard, although Christopher Dring himself, the editor of GamesIndustry.biz, himself emphasized a few months ago that we should not be ready for a quick appearance of a new game. In his opinion, Fable 4, like Avowed, Everwild and Perfect Dark were announced prematurely.

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Recent reports on the new Fable seem to confirm these pessimistic visions. First of all, Gavin Raeburn, CEO, left Playground Games a few days ago. Today, in turn, we learn that the developer is just beginning to search for employees, including the main narrative designer. This can only mean one thing – the game won’t actually be coming any time soon. Well, it’s a little bit already starting to get frustrated by these constant announcements of games that only eventually show up later after many, many years. You can see, however, that this is the fashion we have today (read: the business model among game studios). After all, it is annoying.

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