Face Down and in Bed, ÉRika Fernández Exposes a Powerful Rearguard

With the garter belt tight and showing an impressive rear, the model made her fans observe the postcard more than once so as not to lose detail

Erika Fernández took over social networks and became the favorite after sharing a moment with everyone that was unforgettable, as she perfectly shows off a slim figure in a tiny and daring lingerie set.

The beautiful model and television host have caused a stir through social networks by sharing photos and videos in which she flaunts beauty, style, and seduction.

This time it was not the exception and the famous one turned on the spotlights and stole the glances sharing a moment that became the favorite by showing off an enviable figure, which prostrated face down on her bed, revealing the tight garter belt that barely covers it. essential.

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Without a doubt, the half-light photograph that the famous shared won the golden palms, many were those who quickly dedicated passionate and affectionate comments to her.

With her spectacular beauty, she unleashed low passions and created a stir, now everyone wants to enjoy that majestic moment in which she exposed without much pain that enviable body that she possesses, which is worthy of admiration and flattery.  

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It is well known by all that when it comes to showing off her beauty, the Fox Sport star is one of the riskiest and daring she knows what she has and how to wear them to make her fall in love, leaving more than one with the soul in a thread because she has an implacable figure What does Lucy know in front of everyone?

It was impossible for her fans not to react to such beauty and they were immediately inspired and dedicated the best comments to her, among which the most passionate and affectionate ones stand out for that attractive body that has everyone delighted.

The beautiful model in recent months has known how to keep Internet users alert and entertain them with different publications and videos in which the main character is her figure and that beauty with light eyes that she has on her face, making them spend pleasant and pleasant moments.

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The model marked those wonderful curves that attract so much attention, which unleashed the inspiration of her loyal fans by leaving them in view of all the users who snooze her profile.

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