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Roll the tape in Instagram can cause a sense of deja vu, all the time: “I’ve seen that face before?”

Recently, three procedures, drew attention repercutiram in social networks: breast augmentation in Flayslane, singer and former BBB, and foxy eyes (the technique of lengthening of the eye) Flavia Pavanelli and Gaby Prado, influenciadoras digital.

After the revelation, search in Google flashed: searching for breast augmentation has increased by 78% and search foxy eyes reached the top in the country, an increase of more than 1250%.

Picks his nose or eyes-it’s part of a package of cosmetic changes of stars and influencers in the last three years to reach a new standard and globalization of beauty. As a result the person as standard with one or more of these characteristics:

  • Eyes amendoados
  • The nose is thin and round
  • Apple faces popped up
  • Cheeks, with the inlet
  • Lip volume
  • Jaw depends

Women are not the only ones that make that consent and community face. Men often use the procedures to fill and define the jaw, the shape of the nose and an elongated chin. Among the famous, what they did, they DJ ALok, ex-BBB Luke Gallina and under the influence of Charlie Maya.

ALok, Charlie, Maya and Luca Gallina — Photo: Playback/Instagram

To give volume in the mouth and shape the face and jaw, usually to fill hyaluronic acid. And for nose, breast augmentation or rinomodelação, also made from fill. The final price of the modifications will depend on the number of syringes required to achieve the result. In order to have “the eyes of a Fox”, there are methods that lead the muscles of the face with an absorbable suture in the skin

Procedure prices are very different depending on the region and the clinic or the glory of a professional. Dermatologists, physicians and estheticians are professionals who are doing more harmoninzações.

Where is this template?

Kylie Jenner — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Starting in 2018, the people of these characteristics began to move. No one knows for sure as marco zero, the current standard of beauty, but everyone seems to agree that the sisters Kardashian and Jenner large percentage of that is “face influenciadora”.

Sisters icons of fashion and beauty, some pounds more, and then-Instagram: before June, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner was among the ten people with more followers. The numbers help explain why your standard of beauty, if universalizou.

Features it mixes features of various ethnic groups, such as the eyes, stretched, thick lips and round nose. Surgeon plastic cintia with Instagram Zandoná and dermatologist Simone Neri, who work with the permission of the person, I agree that globalization and the Internet have finger including. “The Internet has reflected the overall ideals of beauty, and brought a global model,” says Zandoná.

According to medical data, even in the process massively as the consent of the person, you can get results that correspond to characteristics of patients. To do this, the doctor needs to assess the structure of the human face, and think about changes that can keep it.

Therefore, to be considered for invasive techniques have become so popular. In addition, the result lasts approximately one year. Yes, it is “reversible”.

According to the latest census, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures by the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery relating to the year 2018, the number of surgical procedures (e.g., fill) grew up and began to make up 50% of the drive. … From year to year, each of the segments has spent millions of treatments.

For many years, the percentage of people seeking services has increased: it was 15.8% in 2014. to 20.6% in 2018.

The filters on Instagram, the real changes

Filters in Story mode from Instagram — Photos: Disclosure/Instagram

It’s hard to find someone who was not inclined to try at least once, what it would look like with a filter from Instagram. Play games and feel a little more beautiful harmless. But doctors and psychologists have found a side effect, if you look another that.

Plastic surgeons from Brazil and the United States say that the increased number of patients who come to their offices, wanting to reproduce the filter effect on the face.

The effect of the filters is also sent to the market. The beauty of Soko Glam Korean brand has already released a product called “cream” filter, which brightens the skin, mimicking some of the filters the beauty of a social network. Julia Healing, expert, business trends WGSN, says that social media users are accustomed aesthetics “unreal,” and this must be reflected in the creation of more products that create the effects on the photo.

Consultations Instagram claims that he is always with an eye for product social network, which can cause discomfort for your users. And, in November 2019, banned the effects of plastic surgery social network. But the category of appearance still has the filters, effects, similar procedure.

On a recommendation, so many effects, how many promotional materials associated with plastic surgery, can be submitted to the platform so they were removed.

Experts ears for the report agree that this beautiful model will be replaced in the near future. Not only because the standards, as a rule, over time changing, but not because of the pandemic and months, house, man, to wash, as usual, to change the attitude of people to the great.

During the quarantine, the focus of consumption of beauty went makeup products, skin treatment and strengthened this kind of products on the market.

Sale of products for skin care (skin treatment) with a vine growing out of 2019: while these products had an increase of 16% of sales this year, other procedures, was increased by only 3%, according to research consulting company WGSN.

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