Face masks will be mandatory again in hospitals and health centers in Spain from Wednesday due to a rise in respiratory infections

(CNN Spanish) — Pilar Alegría, Spain’s Minister of Education, Vocational Training and Sports and Spanish government spokesman, reported on Tuesday that the Spanish government will reinstate the mandatory use of masks in hospitals and medical centers starting from Wednesday. As of July 5, 2023, these spaces will no longer need to use it.

With this measure, the Spanish government intends to stem the current rise in influenza, covid-19 and respiratory syncytial virus infections in the country. “Triple Dilemma” This is already being felt, particularly in emergency services in many health centres. “If what we want is to get our hospitals, our health centres, our primary care centers back to normal in order to avoid stress and collapse, decisions have to be taken,” Alegria said at the end of the weekly ministers’ meeting argued at the time.

Health Minister Monica García informed health advisers in different regions of the country on Monday that the measure needs to be reinstated, but there has been no consensus on the matter. Therefore, it provides a period of forty-eight hours (ending this Wednesday) for regional representatives to make their accusations and contributions to this government proposal.

Some autonomous regions, such as Madrid, criticized the move. “Making masks mandatory now is an improvisation,” the region’s president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, criticized in a tweet shared through her official X profile. Imposition for the sake of imposition is the resource of weak managers,” he added.

However, due to a surge in infections, at least six autonomous regions have decided to make its use mandatory in health centers by Tuesday. Specifically, these are: Canary Islands, Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia and Asturias.

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