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“My mother often tells me how at just three years old, in kindergarten, I was able to put lipstick on my friends perfectly”. She practically grew up on bread and make-up Martina Luchena is currently one of the major content creators active on Instagram in the beauty sector with more than 700 thousand followers and a community, Martybeautylove, which has 67 thousand subscribers. «The passion for this universe I inherited from my grandmother and over the years I have managed to consolidate it by attending make-up and nail courses. Today I speak through social media to an essentially female audience between the ages of 25 and 34, but also to teenagers and over 35 “, she tells us over the phone in a sparkling and enthusiastic voice that mirrors her social photos of her.

Martina Luchena on Instagram

Solar but above all transparent in language and content, both informative and everyday life, and ranging from beauty tips (very useful indeed: “my tips must be easily replicable by everyone”) to familiar scenes, the influencer today she is a very different 29-year-old woman from when she took her first steps beyond the screen. We asked her, then, to look back and tell us the path that led her to be in 2022 healthy bearer of skin and body positivity and sincere beautywithout filter, more and more appreciated by women.

Let’s start straight: what does make-up represent for you?
«My mantra is Love yourself as you are. Because for me it is essential first of all to learn to accept yourself without masks. The trick, therefore, I live it as that quid in addition, an ally to emphasize the traits and characteristics of each one. Personally then, the make-up relaxes me, I like to create and draw on my face, also accentuate what can be seen as imperfections such as discoloration or freckles. But I came to this state of inner serenity after a two-year process of acceptance. Today, and I say this with sincerity, I like myself a thousand per thousand. But it wasn’t like that before. “

How did you embark on the path of self-esteem?
«Until two years ago I was completely immersed in social media. I always saw my colleagues perfect and I tried to be perfect too, with difficulty because I am a good fork and instead I was repeated that beauty was thinness and skin without imperfections. Although I like to train, I am not a sports fanatic and, therefore, I lived with unhappiness this condition between diet changes and workouts against the will. Showing me always at my best was the aim but I was not happy because the accounts with reality arrive. I was on the verge of being afraid of meeting my followers so as not to be judged or criticized because live they would not find me exactly like in the posts.

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