Facebook and Instagram down in the Thanksgiving Day

Users worldwide report failures on Instagram and Facebook, the most used social networks today

The applications owned by Mark Zuckerberg: Instagram and Facebook, suffered a fall in their services this Thursday, which happened in several parts of the world, as users complained about the internet.

According to the DownDetector portal, which specializes in tracking these types of problems, Facebook service crashes are concentrated in Western Europe (especially in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom), the United States, Mexico and the Philippines.

Although the failures of the service at a global level in social networks are relatively common, it is not so common that the service is interrupted in so many at once, and always causes a stir among Internet users, who usually go to unaffected platforms (in this case, Twitter) to express dissatisfaction.

The most common problem of users according to their comments is the impossibility or difficulty of uploading and downloading images, and some also indicated that they were having problems with live video broadcasts through Facebook Live.

Main sites where the fall of Facebook in the world is reported / Photo: DownDetector

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