A database containing almost half a billion data associated with Facebook profiles was identified on the network.

Hundreds of millions of phone numbers associated with Facebook accounts have been identified in a database available on the net without any protection. This is reported by TechCrunch, indicating that it is about 419 million data from different geographical areas, including 133 million information from Facebook users based in the United States, 18 million from the United Kingdom and over 50 million from Vietnam.

Each document contained a unique Facebook ID for each user and the phone number listed on the account. In some cases, the user’s name, gender, and nationality were also accessible. Facebook has restricted access to subscriber phone numbers more than a year ago, so the identified database is older.

A company spokesman said: “This dataset is old and it appears that the information was obtained before we made changes last year to remove the possibility of finding others using their phone number. The set of data has been removed and we have had no tangible evidence that Facebook accounts have been compromised. “

The database was originally discovered by researcher Sanyam Jain, who specializes in computer security, who said he was able to identify the telephone numbers associated with different celebrities. The source of the database is not known, but the document went offline when TechCrunch contacted the web host.

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