Fact Check: Did (G)I-DLE Diss LE SSERAFIM In Their Latest Single?

How true are these claims?

International K-Pop fans have created the latest buzz involving two massive girl groups, (G)I-DLE and THE SSERAFIM. The debate this time enters around a supposed lyrical diss by (G)I-DLE in their newest English mini album, HEAT. But how true are these claims?

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Upon the release of their title track, “I Want That,” many fans were quick to speculate that (G)I-DLE was taking a jab at their fellow girl group LE SSERAFIM. The controversy arose from a misheard lyric in the song’s chorus. Viral tweets circulated, alleging the line to be “I want that remix, ain’t no serafim,” which was later confirmed to be “I want that, yes, thank you, no, that’s life.” So, how did the connection between the two lyrics and groups form?

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Firstly, fans have pointed out the resemblance between “I Want That” and LE SSERAFIM’s b-side hit “Eve, Psyche, and The Bluebeard’s Wife”. Given that LE SSERAFIM’s track had taken the charts by storm earlier this year, it isn’t entirely unreasonable for listeners to draw parallels between the two songs that have a similar vibe and genre. However, drawing inspiration or similarities from popular trends is not an uncommon practice in the music industry.

The second reason may lie in the promotional strategies of SourceMusic for LE SSERAFIM. Even though “Eve, Psyche, and The Bluebeard’s Wife” was a B-side, it received immense attention. To capitalize on its unexpected popularity, Source Music released a series of remixes with prominent international artists like Upsahl, Rina Sawayamaand even Half Lovato, all within a month. The company’s strategic promotions could be why many fans found the fake lyrics funny and claimed the “diss.”

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Some fans have been taking the fake diss light-heartedly, suggesting that the resemblance in the lyrics is a nice playful joke since they sound alike. This is not the first time that lyrics have been misconstructed or exaggerated by fans.

While the music industry is no stranger to friendly competition and sometimes even outright feuds — especially between fans — it’s crucial to ensure that rumors aren’t blown out of proportion. Misheard lyrics can lead to a slew of misunderstandings, as can be seen in this case with (G)I-DLE and LE SSERAFIM. For now, with the concrete evidence of the actual lyrics of (G)I-DLE’s “I Want That,” it’s safe to say that the claims are proven untrue.

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