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The leader of FdI: making a bicameral? Yes, if there is a willingness to cooperate. I respect Segre, but that symbol has nothing to do with fascism

The symbol of the party was deposited yesterday, and not changed. And Giorgia Meloni, to Liliana Segre who among many others had asked her to remove the flame from her logo to give a concrete a sign of discontinuity with the pastfirm reply: With respect and esteem for Senator Segre: lthe flame in the symbol of FdI has nothing to do with fascismbut the recognition of the path made by a democratic right in our republican history. We are proud of it.

If she is tired of these controversies in a very low-level electoral campaign, the one on presidentialism instead – says the leader of FdI – makes her very happy: finally we are talking about a concrete theme. Which clarifies who is on one side and who on the other: FdI will fight for presidentialism, the Democratic Party considers it a danger to democracy. And the Italians will choose.

In an interview with the Corriere della SeraMeloni explains the reasons for a choice that – he is convinced – serve to make authoritative, strong, stable and therefore the nation is much more competitive. He reproaches the incoherence of the Democratic Party, challenges it. And it reassures those who fear that the head of state, Mattarella, who according to Berlusconi should resign after the reform passed: a great controversy has been made about nothing. There is no declaration of hostility towards Mattarella. The doubt about what can happen after the approval of a reform may exist, but we think that the most natural and logical thing is that a reform of this magnitudewhich changes the structure of powers, come into effect not in office, but in the following legislature. Exactly as happened with the reduction in the number of parliamentarians.

Therefore, no division of offices, to you the premiership, to Berlusconi the Quirinale, to Salvini the Interni? Absolutely no. We have always proposed presidentialism, there is no contingent reason. We would be fine even if in the end the Italians had to choose a left-wing president.

The demonization

In short, according to Meloni the usual demonization of the Democratic Party against his party is underway, which passes through an operation cancel culture. We do not want to admit, he contests, that there was a great debate on the subject in the Constituent Assembly. In favor of presidentialism there were figures like Calamandrei, Salvemini, Saragat … There was never a tab to discuss it. Nor was there in the Democratic Party.

Melons remember how the system FdI thinks of is the French-style semi-presidential one , which Letta should appreciate, however, as a friend and admirer of France …, and that was what the then president of the Bicameral D’Alema took sides for. But also in 2013when Letta was in government, practically the whole Democratic Party converged on the proposal: from Veltroni, to Zanda to Finocchiaro to Prodi, to Bersani, even to Speranza! And today Renzi, not a member of the right, in favor.

For one thing, a system that arises from a confrontation between balanced alignments, another the flag of one battleship – the one led precisely by you, Salvini and Berlusconi – who also thanks to this electoral law it could dictate whatever it wants. This electoral law – the dry reply – we were the only ones who did not vote for it. For the rest, we seek dialogue, we have every intention of making reforms shared as much as possible, trying to balance the checks and balances in the best possible way for a system that works. Even with an ad hoc body, like a Bicameral? If there is a willingness to cooperate, why not?opens Meloni. But clear on one point: If the Democratic Party makes a referendum today, on the one hand the good guys who want to keep the system as it is and on the other the bad guys who want presidentialism, then we’ll see what the voters choose. Because the popular will that counts.

The search for dialogue

On the other hand, for her presidentialism is not a flag or a fetish: the system that is needed in “ONE STATE” like ours, politically fragile and therefore unstable. We have had 11 different premieres in 20 years, in France 4, 5 in the UK, 3 in Germany. It means that abroad they are faced with interlocutors who may have already changed after a year, a great weakness. As for it a government, with such short-term prospects, not being able to plan in the long run, and in fact our growth is much lower than the others.

Short circuit pd

They exist for stable parliamentary republics, such as Germany. True, and I would add: Orbn’s Hungary is also a parliamentary republic, a great short circuit for the propaganda of the Democratic Party. Pd which in Italy has instead become a party-system, who has ruled for 11 years without having won the elections, at the center of every alchemy. I think that’s why I’m against presidentialism: because to govern at that point they will have to win. We are ready for the challenge. Their?.

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