Fake vaccines, investigated Camila Giorgi and the singer Madame

VICENZA Madame and Camila Giorgi are involved in an investigation initiated by the Public Prosecutor of Vicenza on false vaccinations for the Coronavirus, in the context of a previous trend that had led to the arrest of three people, including two doctors. Both for the singer from Vicenza (born Francesca Calearo, 20), and for the 30-year-old professional tennis player, according to the Giornale di Vicenza, the The hypothesized offense is ideological fraud, due to alleged irregularities in the procedure for obtaining the Green Pass.

Camila Giorgi in Turin meets the fans

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Camila Giorgi in Turin meets the fans

Madame-Giorgi and vaccine: we are investigating

The two are on the client list of one of the arrested doctors, but they are not his patients. According to the investigation hypothesis, they may have gone specifically to the Vicenza study to obtain the Green Pass even though they did not undergo prophylaxis. It remains to be ascertained whether the two public figures carried out the vaccination or not; for the singer’s performances, however, at the time of the events it was enough to have a swab with a negative result to be able to work. The two doctors were released in the meantime, because the risk of repeating the crime had fallen.

Camila Giorgi, what a workout in Miami

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Camila Giorgi, what a workout in Miami

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