Faker and T1 became 2023 World Championship Champions

T1 defeated Weibo Gaming 3-0 and 2023 League of Legends World Champion In Korea.this is Faker wins his fourth world title and became a player Most winners in history.

The series was held at Gocheok Sky Dome with maximum capacity, setting a record. Most-watched esports finals and events of all time.

As for the series itself, there was only parity before the series started. team game. The truth is that T1 has never lost a series against a Chinese team in his BO5 and his 8-0 against LPL teams was no exception.

The first game and the second game had the same tone; Zeus (Yone and Gwen) and honor (Lee Shin and Nocturne) Set the pace of the match and they made the difference in every moment, winning the series 2-0 and ending T1. match point.

what will happen In the previous work, the unkillable demon king makes a splendid appearance.. faker He carried his team on his back in two important battles. Before creating the third Dragon, the mid laner charmed the Chinese team and acquired his three players with Akali the Indomitable.

The same thing happened in the team match before the end. Gumayushi After destroying the enemy’s Nexus, they each achieved a double.

Another paragraph of the finals keliaenergized the team on multiple occasions with his play.

The world title that was elusive in 2022 was won a year later with the support of the public.

In this world, Faker breaks his bond with Bengi 3 would be the most successful in history.let’s remember that The first World Cup won by a mid laner was exactly 10 years ago..

he The T1 legacy is more alive than ever A dream year culminates in winning the most important title.

Granted, this was the last series for Zeus, Honor, Faker, Gumayushi, and Kelia, but their runs will never be forgotten by fans.

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