Falcioni: “Facing San Lorenzo is very motivating”

Banfield coach, Julio Falcioni, assured that Saturday’s match against San Lorenzo will be “very motivating” for his players, looking for a 16th win. Professional Soccer League date.

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«We face a very good team, which is also second in the championship. (Ruben Dario) Insua gave it an important characteristic of security and balance. It will be a very difficult game, but it is very motivating to face them,” Falcioni said at a press conference.

Banfield, who has 15 points in the tournament, will once again hire Falcioni as coach. The “Emperor”, the successor of Javier Sanguinetti, considers his fifth cycle at the club.

«We are in a compromising position, but I did not hesitate to come. When there is a possibility of a job, it is yes or no. I try to be careful. If not, then don’t waste the time of people who came looking for you and if so, start chatting. The players are involved with a lot of responsibility and commitment. This is how I saw it in these three days of work. We will try to find the best for Banfield,” said Falcioni.

« When DT changes, the team renews expectations. I always demand commitment, approach, and we hope that results accompany us to enhance our day-to-day work,” said the former DT of Boca and the Independent.

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Banfield will receive San Lorenzo in a commitment valid for the 16th this Saturday at 6:00 p.m. ET. Professional Soccer League date.

Source: Telam.

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