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Experts forecast that this year we will say goodbye to the fuel price per liter at stations of PLN 6 per liter. It is expected that in the coming week we will pay from 5.91 to 6.05 PLN / l for the popular 95-octane petrol. For diesel 5.95-6.06 PLN / l, and for autogas 3.32-3.39 PLN / l.

How long will we enjoy fuel below PLN 6 / l?

Analysts at BM Reflex point out that sharp decline in the wholesale fuel market, i.e. approx 29 cents per liter per week, still it is not reflected in retail prices. This is due to the fact that not all stations sell fuel from cheaper supplies.

If wholesale prices remain at their current level in the coming days, the chances of a drop in fuel prices will increase next week. It is difficult to forecast, as long as prices may sleep next week, because they will probably be spread over time, but they should allow the prices of 95 petrol and diesel to fall below PLN 6 / l at most stations
– say analysts from BM Reflex

To what do we owe the current fall in prices?

The observed decrease in fuel expenditure is caused by discounts on oil exchanges. Experts emphasize that many drivers may have felt disappointed with the government’s anti-inflation shield. But Due to a strong discount on the oil exchanges, there is a real chance for slightly lower amounts for refueling. After Thursday’s OPEC + decision, the prices of the February series of contracts for Brent crude oil plummeted to the region of $ 66 a barrel. Then the market came back up to $ 70. On the other hand, on Friday morning, Brent crude oil was traded at nearly $ 72 a barrel.

Other Aspects of Falling Prices

E-petrol argues that the decline in fuel quotas – in recent days – the release of raw material reserves by the USA or China may also have an impact.

A blind spot, however, is the timing of the US release of reserves – the deadline may be postponed if global energy prices fall significantly. Such an announcement was made on Wednesday by US Deputy Secretary for Energy, David Turk. In the face of concerns about the influence of Omikron, as well as the already established OPEC + policy, this topic may turn out to be closely analyzed in the following days
– analysts from the e-petrol portal

Source: PAP

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