Fallout 76 – Expeditions: the Pitt, the review

The first expedition of Fallout 76, the Pitt, is available on PC and console. After spending some time in Pittsburgh we tell you everything in this review

2022 is not an ordinary year for the Fallout saga: the post-apocalyptic world of Bethesda is in fact 25 years old and, to celebrate this milestone, it was necessary to get out of the box a bit. And the Pitt, the latest expansion of Fallout 76, certainly comes off the tracks traced to date by this MMO. We are certainly talking about the most important expansion of the year for Fallout 76, especially for the type of content offered. For the first time, in fact, players leave the borders of Appalachia to visit the Pitt (literally the Pit), located in Pittsburgh. The city of Pennsylvania, as many fans of the series will know, is an already known setting of the wasteland, the protagonist of the homonymous expansion of Fallout 3.

The first and new expedition therefore has the flavor of a nostalgic novelty, able to wink at long-time players, but perfectly understandable and integrated into the experience of Fallout 76. After spending some time in the Pit of Pittsburgh , let’s talk about Fallout 76 – Expeditions: the Pitt in our review.

Start an expedition

The Vertiboard will take us to the Pitt

The Vertiboard will take us to the Pitt

The Pitt is there first delivery inserted in Fallout 76, or missions outside the classic map. This type of adventures, the developers have already declared during Quakecon 2022, will become an important contribution of content for Fallout 76, but will always be accompanied by more linear expansions, such as those that have seen the Brotherhood of Steel as protagonist. What absolutely does not change between the more traditional expansions and the new series of expeditions is the speed with which the quest starts and takes shape. We warn you: who is in a hurry to leave for Pennsylvania, put his soul in peace because the procedure is not the most immediate.

Once the post-update game has started (which for PC Microsoft Store, Xbox and PlayStation is around 75GB), the game will suggest that we head to Whitesprings, the luxurious resort south of the map. This setting has changed slightly since the arrival of the Rescuers, a faction dedicated to helping survivors in the wasteland. The group that settled in the resort, now known as the Refuge, is very well organized and even has a Vertibird, a means of air transport. The aircraft uses an ultracite battery, which must always be recharged before a mission; Rescuers ration their resources very sparingly so don’t expect the group to haul you here and there at will.

The fuel, or rather, the ultracells for charge the battery, you will have to earn them by meeting specific requests: these are configured as three daily missions, where the first two will provide you with 25% recharge and the third the remaining 50%. To find out who will assign the daily quests we will have to contact Orlando, the mysterious figure who manages the Refuge, who will welcome us and direct us to the Rescuers who need help most. Once you have done favors left and right we will be ready to reload the Vertibird and leave for the expedition

Structure and reward of expeditions

Missions can be played by up to 4 players online

Missions can be played by up to 4 players online

The structure of the expeditions of Il Pitt follows the MMO tradition of classic dungeons: you enter the instance, complete three missions and collect the loot, a part distributed by default plus a series of extra rewards if the players have brought to term of additional assignments. The missions there are two, entitled “For the Union” and “From the ashes to the fire”, which respectively give access to two distinct areas of the Pitt, the industrial district and the trench. Despite the substantial differences in terms of map and lore, “For the Union” and “From Ashes to Fire” share the same breakdown: each mission is made up of three different phases, each requiring you to fulfill a different objective. This is chosen randomly at the start of each expedition, leading players to experience slightly different adventures. We will not deliberately go into detail on the history and lore of Il Pitt because, despite the small size of the maps, the exploratory experience is still relevant. We will therefore only provide you with a general smattering of the situation Pittsburgh is about.

In addition to the Rescuers, two other factions are added in Il Pitt: on the one hand theUniona group of survivors who want to restore the city by exploiting its industrial center, on the other i Fanatics, a band of marauders who are attempting to expand the borders of their territory. Among the two missions currently available in the Pittsburgh expedition, From Ashes to Fire is the one that most resembles the heavy atmosphere that reigned in Fallout 3, thanks to the presence of some NPCs who leave no doubts whatsoever; although the third chapter is projected many years into the future, already in this expansion of Fallout 76 we see the prodromes what happens in 2277.

Expeditions obviously add new Pitt-themed armor, weapons and exclusive items

Expeditions obviously add new Pitt-themed armor, weapons and exclusive items

At the end of each mission, as it should be, it is time to open the bag of the loot and collect the well-deserved loot. This consists of Experience Points, generic loot and a legendary item; completing the optional objectives will give you weekly access to rare projects. In addition, a series of postage stampsa new currency introduced precisely by the expeditions, even these multiplicable if some extra quests were to be satisfied.

Additional stamps are then up to the head of the mission, an aspect that allows us to introduce very important information about The Pitt: all the expeditions can be faced by a player, the mission leader, who can be joined up to a maximum of others. three-player multiplayer. To exchange the stamps in exchange for rare goods there is a new NPC, Giuseppe, on a permanent basis at the refuge and who can’t wait to do business with us

In the depths of the Pitt

The atmosphere of the Fallout 3 DLC is felt throughout the Pitt

The atmosphere of the Fallout 3 DLC is felt throughout the Pitt

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the dimensions of the two maps of The Pitt are not huge, but they are more than generous for the structure of the missions offered. While Fallout 76 isn’t the most technically spectacular online MMO, the Pitt has a glance that will amaze 76 players: the bucolic glimpses of the Appalachian mountains are replaced by a rusty city immersed in a warm and dirty light.

The city ​​context, then, it offers developers to experiment with level design solutions never seen before within Fallout 76, characterized by natural expanses among which places of interest are dotted which, however, with very rare exceptions, seem more agglomerations of houses than real ones. urban centers. The Pitt, on the other hand, gives a very different feeling, that of a wounded land (the trench through a large portion of the city like a scar) and teeming with danger. The urban-industrial solution therefore makes the more interesting spaces both during the exploration and combat phases, a pleasantness that cannot be attributed to the whole map of Fallout 76.

Exploration which, moreover, can be carried out in absolute tranquility because shipments are not timed; after a bit of diving in the Pitt you may feel the need to beat a personal best in speedrun, but it will be only your choice because there is no timer to rush you. Indeed, you are not even forced to finish an expedition in a single game session: between one mission and another the game it will save your progress and, if you are mission leader, you can exit and resume from the beginning of the mission. A luxury that many MMOs do not allow and that Fallout 76 has decided to provide instead, a concession that in our opinion suggests and encourages the exploratory approach to expeditions.

On the other hand, in our opinion, a reflection should be made about the shipping difficulties in the Pitt. The level of experience suggested by the developers is at least level 50, a considerable and not at all low value. The pro, if you find yourself in difficulty, is to team up with stronger and more experienced players, a trick that applies to any difficult experience faced in Fallout 76. However, in the event that the strong and experienced player were you, then it is not said The Pitt is so hard to deal with. There are several players who complained about a not so challenging level of difficulty in the week following the release, especially from those who worked on builds designed for direct combat and no holds barred. To limit the ease a little is the availability of ammunition, but here too it can be circumvented easily.


Tested version Xbox Series X

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€ 39.99

In our opinion, The Pitt is the expansion that Fallout 76 needed. Maybe not what fans expected for the 25th anniversary of the series, but it is now clear that the Fallout audience is divided into those who have been enjoying Fallout 76 for years and those who are waiting for a fifth chapter. The expeditions are a content with great potential and capable of adding a variety currently precluded to Fallout 76. The Pitt in particular plays and experiments with a different setting than usual, making exploration and combat more exciting. The choice to start from one of the most beloved DLCs of Fallout 3 was a winning choice, giving fans of the series numerous memories but without being incomprehensible to new players.


  • The Pitt shows the potential of expeditions
  • Different and captivating level design solutions


  • Difficulty not always balanced
  • Repetitiveness of the missions to be evaluated over time

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