Fallout 76, Players Have Discovered an Easter Egg Dedicated to a Skyrim Meme

Fallout 76 players found an easter egg tied to Toddroll, one of the most famous memes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The players Fallout 76 found an easter egg tied to one of the memes most famous of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

“Hey you, you’re finally awake” are the first words that Skyrim players hear in play after waking up on a horse-drawn cart, and over the years have become part of a series of memes known by the name of Todd roll¬†or Skyrimroll.¬†In short, a Toddroll meme starts with someone who tells a story and loses consciousness, to wake up in Skryim’s wagon, accompanied by the phrases “Hey, you, you’re finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right?”¬†and “Todd Howard, you’ve done it again.”

there is a direct reference to the meme. Meanwhile, the players of Fallout 76 can find the aforementioned cart in the wilds, as shown in the image below. The occupants are all dead, but they sit in the same positions they had in Skyrim. Satisfied? Know that it does not end there.

The ‘¬†upgrade Wild Appalachia¬†Fallout 76 added to the game a drink called Nukashine that can bring the character to faint when its effects are exhausted.¬†One of the places where you can wake up is in the aforementioned wagon.¬†Only words are missing, in short, to make the perfect reference.¬†

Before leaving, we remind you that Fallout 76 is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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