Fallout 76, the Prices of Refrigerators and Pay-to-Win Microtransactions Make the Players Mad


The price of refrigerators and pay-to-win microtransactions caused Fallout 76 players to rage with new grievances against Bethesda.

The price of the refrigerators and the pay-to-win microtransactions of Fallout 76 literally made the players angry. Let’s try to understand what happened.

Yesterday the new update of Fallout 76 was published, which adds several improvements and many new contents to the game. Among the novelties, there are also new objects for the Atomic Shop section, including refrigerators, which can be placed in CAMPs to reduce the rate of food and drink deterioration by 50%, and Wall-E style robots, which they go in search of waste materials and simple objects in the areas surrounding the CAMPs. The problem of both is very expensive and, above all, they are pay-to-win objects.

Let’s start from the prices: the refrigerators cost 700 Atom, while the Collection Station, from which the robots come out above, costs 500 Atom. Anyone wishing to have both items immediately should spend substantially € 20 on micro-transactions, since a 1000 Atom package costs € 9.99. Obviously there is always the possibility that you have spare Atoms and that you go to spend less, or that you have a lot of free time and accumulate enough Atom not to spend anything. The substance, however, changes little considering how this type of games works.

Another node is that of the pay-to-win nature of these objects, which is explained very simply: the search for food and waste materials are two key elements of the survival nature of Fallout 76. Taken away from a player these tasks, the advantage over non-paying players becomes obvious.

In short, Bethesda’s old promise about the essentially cosmetic nature of the Fallout 76 microtransactions went one more time to be blessed, after she had already done so with the introduction of repair kits.

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