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Fallout Tactics is a role-playing game that is on taking tactical turns. The game has been set in the Fallout world which took place after the apocalypse. Created by the Micro Forte and its publisher is 14 Degrees was launched on 14th March 2001 to be played on Microsoft Windows. More than 300,000 units were sold across the world by the year 2008. 

The game shows an entire gaming squad of the steel Brotherhood as it engages in a rigid war. Though the game occurs in the Fallout world, it doesn’t continue or follow the story of of the older versions of this game. The Fallout Tactics got an additional CD in case of all pre-orders. The extra CD was inclusive of the Fallout Warfare session which is another mini-game based on another Fallout world and the bonus mission too.

Dissimilar to the older Fallout games, this one focuses more on tactical strategy and combat. The players have a lot of interactions with other non-playable characters but they can also keep trading together and some missions like dialogue. As a replacement of towns, this game revolves around the Brotherhood missions and bunkers. The bunkers also act as a middle point for Brotherhood and all players can avail themselves of these services like mechanics, medics, quartermasters, personnel yeomen, etc. These bunkers are rarely visited by the characters that belong to already accomplished missions. 
About the game 

Just like other games of the Fallout series, this one also has an interesting gameplay to offer to the players. It is even more engaging than other Fallout games. After a mission a received from the general who keeps the responsibility of bunkers, the squad of players can shift to the region where the mission is supposed to take place. Generally, this is supposed to be a town area but it can be a factory, vault, or military encampment too. In that place, the player is provided an area map that has all the notes and objectives marked. 

Battling in this game is more complex than all the older editions of the Fallout series. Not like them, which shows a system based on turns. Though the prime character in the single-player mode is supposed to be human, recruited from the characters and Brotherhood in all multiplayer matches can be in any race out of the many that see included in the game. 
This game is the first one in the Fallout series to include a multiplayer mode. With this mode, every player can have options of controlling an entire character squad that can face off opponents. In the game setup, the players are given higher points to buy gear and squad members. 
As the nuclear apocalypse continues to loom all across the world, many vaults were developed for containing the best version of humanity. As they were protected from imminent death, the offspring of all such people were able to get a reclamation and repopulation of the earth. But before the completion of the whole network, the world could see nuclear war breaking out.
One amongst the many military vaults that were situated in California came out from war with the high determination of restoring the civilization. With the use of their powerful weapons, they could reclaim the nearby wasteland. All members who were part of the vaults were able to form the Steel Brotherhood, an organization that shows dedication to restoring the civilization and development of newer and better techniques. Now that you know about the gameplay, read ahead to know about the features of this game. 
All games of the Fallout series gave been popular because of the exceptionally unique features that they offer. And, the same goes for Fallout Tactics too. Let’s know about a few important features of this game below: 

This game features three different modes of combat namely, Individual turn-based (ITB), Squad Turn-Based (STB), Continuous Turn-Based (CTB). In the CTB combat mode, each and every one can be acting together and all action points are generated at Individual rates based on agility stat. Individual Turn-Based is the mode that is generally used in all original games. 

The game has been set in a very unique setting that is full of different environments and other elements. These gaming worlds are very unique and are limited to this game only. The theme and setting of this game have been changed entirely so that the players don’t feel bored of playing the same Fallout game again and again. This is a remarkable feature of this game that keeps the players engaged in the game.

Features of the game 

Fallout Tactics PC Game Download

Name Fallout Tactics
Initial Release Date 15 March 2001
Mode Single Player video game
Interplay Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, 14° East
Platforms Microsoft Windows
Genres Action game, Tactical role-playing game, Turn-based tactics, Real-time tactics, Tactical wargame, Strategy
Developer Micro Forté, 14° East
Category PC Games >Role-Playing

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