False myths about lemon: here’s what is true and what is not according to the experts

Does it whiten your teeth? Does it strengthen the body? Does it help you lose weight? Correct answers and commonplaces on the virtues of this citrus fruit. We asked the experts.

Sabrina Commis

The lemon: how many they feel. Between truth and lies he is often brought up. The qualities of this citrus fruit are many: it helps fight germs thanks to its antioxidants and vitamin C, it strengthens the immune system, it is an excellent antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral. Then associated with propolis, a resin recovered from bees, lemon becomes the health good par excellence. According to experts, pouring a few drops of lemon essential oil on a propolis tablet and swallowing it is an excellent solution against a sore throat. These are certainties, let’s see the true-false together.

From the aesthetic doctor: Eleonora Iachini.

Reduces dark spots on the skin. True. If its whitening action on the nails is not certain, its negative effect on the skin is proven. “The acids contained in lemon are super harmful: alternatively the derived citric acid is used in many peelings or lightening creams that are used to remove stains”.

Lightens the hair. False. Contrary to popular belief, the lemon does not brighten up the hair very much. “Citric acid, in fact, lightens, attacks and dries the hair. Like vinegar, lemon neutralizes the limescale in the water, makes the hair shinier and gives volume. In the shower, pour a few drops of squeezed lemon in the rinse water “.

From the dentist: Clotilde Austoni.

Whiten your teeth. False. There is no point in dipping your toothbrush in a glass of lemon water to achieve a dazzling smile. Just like baking soda, it has no whitening power, on the contrary in the long run it causes the opposite effect. “The lemon contains citric acid: in contact with the teeth with high frequency, it corrodes the enamel, that is the outermost layer. The result? The smile over time appears more yellow: the more the enamel wears out, the more you see the underlying layer, the dentin, which is yellow. The dentin is also innervated: if it remains uncovered because the enamel has worn out, dental sensitivity appears. Unfortunately, once lost, the enamel can no longer be recreated, so it is also good to avoid drinking water and lemon every morning: this habit irremediably ruins our smile “. For an ultra bright smile let’s leave the lemon aside and let’s start with good habits: “brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a soft bristle brush, cleans well but does not damage the enamel, unlike medium and hard bristles, we use dental flossthe only tool to clean even where the bristles of the toothbrush do not reach, or between one tooth and another, do not overdo the consumption of tobacco, coffee and tea, a good trick can be to drink immediately after a glass of water to avoid the stagnation of pigments, and let’s go to the dentist every six months for the professional hygiene session“.

From the biologist-nutritionist: Flavia Bernini

Decreases stomach acid. True. If you indulged in a fondue the night before, waking up can be unpleasant. “The more fat the food, the slower digestion becomes, increasing the production of gastric juices that contain hydrochloric acid. A glass of water, lemon and bicarbonate will help reduce stomach acid.”

Makes you lose weight. False. No food makes you lose weight. Citric acid in lemon has been shown to help prevent kidney stones, but it has no effect on body fat. “However, it is true that for those who do not like to simply drink water, adding lemon can be a useful expedient to drink more, thus increasing the sense of satiety that will lead to eating less”.

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