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The “emissaries of the sheikh who wants Sampdoria” are under the lens of the Prosecutor of Rome for the hypothesis of attempted fraud.

Francesco Di Silvio and Francesco Paolo Consul were in fact denounced by the trustees of Salernitana Paolo Bertoli and Susanna Isgròin connection with their joint attempt to purchase the grenade club.

The facts. The surety presented by Toro Capital to guarantee the proposal had turned out to be bogus, because it was not recognized by the institution that would have issued it. The Di Silvio-Consul consortium had in fact presented a surety letter from the “Italian branch of an important Austrian bank”. The legal advisors of the trustee of the grenade club had contacted the headquarters of the institute and from the legal office in Vienna they had been replied that there was no Italian branch and that of course no surety letter had been issued in favor of an unknown person.

At the moment, at the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, the state of the file is in the preliminary investigation phase, so an extension has been requested by the prosecutor and ordered by the investigating judge, in order to fully ascertain the facts and individual responsibilities of the parties present in the consortium.

Di Silvio and Consul, as is well known, have been proposing themselves in Genoa for some time as facilitators for a Qatari tycoon who intends, according to them, to buy Sampdoria. A little less than a year ago, on their own, they had tried to get their hands on Salernitana, with a method that has some subjective and objective similarities with the one in progress in Genoa and however considered criminally relevant by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office, which asks the investigating judge for comfort. to go to trial.

In Salerno, when the Di Silvio-Consul consortium appears on the scenethe trustees Bertoli and Isgrò, in charge of the sale of the club then went to the entrepreneur Danilo Iervolino, had activated the appropriate controls and thus some alarming oddities emerged, especially about “Console & Partners”, the company that according to its founder should today act as a “vehicle” for the purchase of Sampdoria. An assignment that Di Silvio says he gave him to Consul, who instead claims to have received it directly from the sheikh. One of the many inconsistencies and contradictions that swarm in this story and that arise from the same declarations of the characters who stand out on stage.

Beyond the logical contradictions, the alarming details are quite different and very concrete: the “Console & Partners” is in fact anything but flourishing. It has not presented a financial statement since 2019 and the previous one dates back to 2015. One more year and, based on the simplification decree, the company would have been canceled ex officio. According to Italian law, the failure to present financial statements for three years is a serious indication of economic distress.

The same Dr. Consul, in these days and against all documented factual evidence, denies that he is the owner of the Casale, a Piedmontese company of series D that is in serious economic and financial difficulties, and which, however, was purchased by his own group. At the light of the Sun.

Another illuminating detail, relating to what happened at the end of 2021 in Salerno, concerns the degenerate environmental situationdue to repeated public statements such as to create high expectations among the fans and therefore a conflict between the perplexed and the enthusiastic: a situation that resulted in a series of complaints for aggravated threats, presented by the trustee Paolo Bertoli against some grenade fans also they have already been sent to trial.

These fans accused, with heavy and seriously threatening tones, the trustee and his collaborators of “rowing against” the transfer to the Di Silvio-Consul group. Something similar, focused not so much against doubtful fans as on non-critical media, happens in Genoa. Here Di Silvio’s strategy seemed to address first to the fans, with bombastic promises, than to the appropriate interlocutors with their own arguments, especially the necessary money, which in the end were not there in Salerno and here until proven otherwise they are the object of a continuous and unnerving shift in dates, surprising for a sheikh with 1 billion personal assets. In fact, even in Genoa insults and social threats have arrived and continue to arrive to those who try to open their eyes to the fans, and try to open them by citing documents and certain facts. Unfortunately almost to no avail.

Remember Alfonso Maria Avagliano, professional journalist, author of “Mattino” and director of “salernitananews.it”: “Here there was a lot of confusion, between the professional journalists who followed the story correctly and those who, in order to stay on the crest of the wave and enjoy a bit of fame, wrote whatever. And those who followed the story seriously risked being mocked or insulted, while those who gave credit to someone like Di Silvio, one who wanted to buy the Salernitana in an absolutely nebulous way, were exalted. Unfortunately, when the square is desperate, it tends to cling to any mouth of truth that gives you hope. Yet it did not take much to understand: whoever wants and above all can really buy a company does so in silence and with seriousness, following the necessary steps. Not with shots and proclamations on social networks, spread by complacent megaphones. Before in Salerno, Di Silvio had done the same thing with Foggia, while Consul had and is having difficulty in running a team of D: how can you seriously believe them? Here the matter lasted six or seven months, but in the end the time was gentleman “.

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