Fame MMA 12 today! Combat card. Where to watch the gala? How much is PPV? [Transmisja online, live stream]

Subsequent FAME MMA galas are becoming more and more popular, and more and more recognizable people take part in them. On Saturday, November 12, at the Ergo Arena in Gdańsk, the FAME MMA 12 gala will take place, during which several interesting duels have been planned.

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FAME MMA 12. The hit duel “Don Kasjo” – Wrzosek. The “Googlebox” star will also make its debut at the gala

The greatest emotions are aroused by the hit clash between Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński and Marcin Wrzosek. The first of them heated up emotions many times, insulting his opponent, for which Artur Szpilka criticized him. – For such behavior in the head and that’s it. There is no talking. There are limits to this insult, said the boxer.

Jacek MurańskiSomething like that at the FAME MMA weighing ceremony has never happened. Murański gave a show

The fight for the belt will be a duel between Adrian “Pole” Polański and Maksymilian “Wiewiór” Wiewiórka. The FAME MMA 12 Gala will also be the debut of Krzysztof Radzikowski, the star of the TV show “Googlebox”, who will face Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak. Jacek Murański will also perform for the first time at the FAME gala, replacing his injured son Mateusz in a duel with Arkadiusz Tańcula. Their fight will take place in the so-called Roman cage.

FAME MMA fights card 12

  • Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński – Marcin Wrzosek – fight of the evening,
  • Adrian “Polak” Polański – Maksymilian “Wiewiór” Squirrel – fight for the belt,
  • Krzysztof Radzikowski – Piotr “Beast” Piechowiak,
  • Mateusz “Fit Lovers” Janusz – Kacper “Blonsky” Błoński,
  • Kamila “Zusje” Smogulecka – Marta “Martirenti” Rentel,
  • Jacek Murański – Arkadiusz Tańula,
  • Kamila “Kamiszka” Wybrańczyk – Anna Andrzejewska,
  • Krystian “Krycha” Wilczak – Maciej “Szewcu” Szewczyk,
  • Patryk “Ryba” Karaś – Kornel “Koro” Regel,
  • Adrian Wieliczko – Jakub “Dragon” Kaczmarski.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIUTd3cv31EThis has not happened yet! “Don Kasjo” will have two fights at one Fame MMA gala!

FAME 12. Where to watch? How to buy PPV? [Transmisja online, stream live]

The FAME MMA 12 Gala will start on Saturday, November 20 at 20:00. The broadcast will be available only in the PPV system on the famemma.tv website. The price of the basic package is PLN 24.99 in 720p quality, and in the more expensive option – PLN 29.99 in 1080p quality.

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