Fame MMA. Artur Szpilka’s entry amused the Internet users (PHOTO)

Kamila Wybrańczyk fought at the Fame MMA gala, when Zusje was her rival. After an effective fight, the authorities decided to give her another chance to perform in front of the audience, when she competed with Anna Andrzejewska at the Saturday gala. Throughout the fight, Artur Szpilka supported his beloved from the stands. The famous Polish boxer did not hide his emotions and loudly cheered for Kamila Wybrańczyk.

After the fight, Szpilka posted an entry on Instagram in which he compared the last fight of his fiancée to his duel. The shared photo amused the Internet users.

– My love. I love you – wrote Artur Szpilka on Instagram, showing a photo comparing their attitude during the fight.

Photo: Instagram

Artur Szpilka and Kamila Wybrańczyk

It is possible that Artur Szpilka himself will soon enter the octagon during the next Fame MMA gala. There are more and more reports of his potential duel with Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński.

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