Fame MMA: “Don Kasjo” about the behavior of Artur Szpilka. “This is the Don Kasjo complex”

Last weekend, the Fame MMA 12 gala provided many emotions to the fans. Much was said, inter alia, about Cassius Życiński, who fought two duels in one evening. Both ended with his victory. First, “Don Kasjo” sensationally defeated the former KSW champion Marcin Wrzosek (for this reason Wrzosek was deleted by the KSW bosses), and then he faced one of the stewards of Fame MMA, Michał “Boxdel” Baron.

After the fight, “Don Kasjo” spoke about Wrzosek. – I don’t respect such people. Guests who consider themselves legitimate, as he has talked about many times, and uses words that he does not know the meaning … I really do not like such people – he said in an interview that appeared on the FAME NEWS channel on YouTube.

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Kasjusz Życiński on Arthur Szpilka. He stated that “Szpila” has … “Don Kasjo complex”

Before the Fame MMA 12 gala, Artur Szpilka gave an interview in which he announced that he was a supporter of Wrzosek because he was an athlete. He also criticized Cassius Życiński. “I didn’t like how they insulted each other, or how much Cassio insulted Heather. For me it is a short ball, for such behavior I hit the head straight away and no talking. There are limits to this insult. (…) These boundaries have long been exceeded. It’s not something I like and I’m enjoying it. Either we respect ourselves, or we smoke something, but there is no personal insult “You cw ** u, you so and so” (…) – he said in an interview with Mateusz Kaniowski.

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“Don Kasjo” referred to these words on the FAME NEWS channel. – I did not like the interview with Artur Szpilka given to Mateusz Kaniowski, where he said: “Well, I am for Wrzosek, because you know he is an athlete, and I do not like Cassius, because he says these words on: C, F, P” . I say: hell, the peasant was probably watching something else, the guy really got lost. (…) These are the people who will not check, someone will tell them, and this is the “Don Kasjo” complex. (…) I have never used such words. Even Marcin Różalski also noticed many advantages for me. If he had traced everything, he would have seen that I never call someone someone without reason, I never use words without basis, I always have arguments for that – said Kasjusz Życiński.

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