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“What has been registered in these days is a heat that goes well beyond the norm and that is creating serious health problems for many elderly patients”. The family doctors of the Naples section of the Fimmg have sounded an alarm for the out-of-scale temperatures that are being recorded in these days. White coats are in fact worried about the number of requests for help and the large influx of patients who feel sick due to the heat.

“The temperatures these days are nothing short of dangerous and can even be lethal for the elderly. The greatest concern is for people who are alone and with chronic diseases, which make them more fragile “, explain Luigi Sparano and Corrado Calamaro (respectively, provincial secretary and administrative secretary of Fimmg Napoli). In addition, a particular recommendation also comes for the use of FFP2 masks. «In elderly subjects and in these conditions of strong heat – says Corrado Calamaro – these masks can cause serious illness if used for long periods of time. Our advice is to absolutely avoid leaving the house in the hottest hours, and if you really have to go out, it is better to avoid places at risk from Covid, so as to be able to use a surgical mask if necessary “. Clearly, this has nothing to do with the recommendation, which remains valid, to use masks (even if surgical) in all places where there is a higher risk of contagion. «They are obligatory – remember Sparano and Calamaro – for medical examinations and in the waiting rooms of our studies ».
To help citizens protect their health in these days of intense and abnormal heat, the FIMMG Naples proposes a handbook with a few simple rules that can be very useful.

– Avoid leaving the house during the hottest hours, especially the 10.00 and 18.00 hours. In any case, protect the skin with a high protection factor sunscreen.

– Use a light-colored cap to protect your head.

– Use clothes that allow the skin to transpire, possibly made of cotton or linen.


– Cool off often but avoid dangerous temperature changes. It is useful to wet the face and arms with fresh water and if the heat is excessive you can place a damp cloth on the nape of the neck.


– Avoid undergoing heavy work and outdoors during the hottest hours.

– Try to preserve a cool environment at home, perhaps by protecting the windows exposed to the sun with shutters, shutters or curtains.

– Use the air conditioning wisely, ie by regulating the temperature around 26 ° C.

– Pay close attention to nutrition. Drinking is essential, up to 2 liters of water a day, unless there is a different indication from the attending physician. Try to drink even if you don’t feel the need. Yes to fruits, vegetables and light foods. Avoid drinking alcohol or eating “heavy” foods that can make digestion difficult.

– Pay close attention to medications. Always keep them in a cool and dry place (unless they are to be kept in the fridge – check the packaging).

– Consult the family doctor for a possible correction of therapy in case of chronic diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, diabetes, etc.).
Report any discomfort, even mild, to your doctor and avoid taking medications without first hearing the opinion of your doctor.

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