Family Guy, Chloë Grace Moretz against her body meme: “Everyone was making fun of me”

The career of Chloë Grace Moretz it started several years ago now. The actress began acting as a child, becoming one of the most sought-after young performers in the world of cinema. A life in the spotlight that caused her many problems. Moretz cited a Family Guy meme that hurt and conditioned her.

Interviewed by Hunger magazine, the actress – here are the 10 best films of Chloë Grace Moretz – spoke of the bodyshaming towards her:“There was a meme that really hit me, of me walking into a hotel with a pizza box in my hand. And this photo was manipulated into a long-legged, short-busted Family Guy character, and was one of the most popular memes at the time “.

A meme that haunted the actress for a long time:“Everyone made fun of my body and when I talked to someone about it they said ‘Oh, shut up. It’s funny.’ And I just remember sitting there and thinking my body was being used as a joke and it’s not something about me that. I can change now, it’s everywhere on Instagram “.
All this also took away from her the pleasure of doing something she loved, like parading on the red carpet:“It made me super embarrassed and I think the body dysmorphia, which we all have to deal with in this world, is extrapolated from the problems of social media. It’s crazy.”.

Moretz said she became ‘a recluse’ after that the meme went viral and started avoiding photographers:“At the same time it made me very anxious when they photograph me. My heart rate increases and I hyperventilate.”.

Chloë Grace Moretz is in the trailer for INVERSO, the new sci-fi series from the creators of Westworld.

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