Family minister on inflation: it’s high, but not that much

The minister of the family, Marlena Malag, was asked about the price. – Inflation is high, but not so much – she admitted in an interview with “Fakt”. As she noted, “it actually exceeded 8 percent in Poland, but we are no exception.”

As a result of the intervention of governments of European countries, and not only, the phenomenon of higher inflation has become widespread. However, I can assure you that the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has a plan to deal with this phenomenon occurring in economies and is already implementing it. It is not only the developed Anti-Inflation Shield, version 2.0 of which will be processed at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers, but also the Polish Order – a strategic investment program


As she noted, the most important element of the Anti-Inflation Shield 2.0 will be another tax cut. – In this case, VAT on fuel from 23 percent. at 8%, to contain inflation due to rising transport costs – the fuel price should drop by approx. PLN 0.60 / liter – assessed Maląg.

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The new 500 plus. When are the payouts?

The minister also said when the first payments under the Family Welfare Capital can be expected. – Pursuant to the provisions of the Act on family caring capital, the maximum deadline for considering an application for capital is two months from the date of submitting a correct and complete application. The payment of the entitled capital will take place not earlier than in the month from which the right to capital is entitled. I am convinced that the first payouts will start in January – she noted.


The new benefit is payable for the second and each subsequent child in the family from the age of 12 to 35 months. The benefit will be paid in monthly parts – PLN 500 for two years or PLN 1,000 per month for a year, depending on the parent’s choice. The support is independent of family income and the funds are not taxed.

Applications for family care capital can be submitted via the Empatia portal, PUE ZUS or electronic banking. The benefit is granted and paid out by the Social Insurance Institution.


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