Famous couples with big age difference. Some of it even a few decades!


Happy time is not considered. Especially happy, in love with each other. And in show business evidence is lacking. Known and like in relationships where the age difference is several decades. Although we focused only on those pairs who are together all the time, it is impossible not to mention Hugh Heffnerze and one of his girlfriends, crystal Harris. Famous chief editor of the magazine Playboy he was older than her 60(!) years.

32 years – that’s how much shares the actress Sarah Paulsonknown, in particular, a series of American Horror Story and her partner, Holland Taylor, which can be linked from the series Two and a half or Legal blonde. A little less, because 30 years difference does not prevent one of favorite actors Wes Anderson, Jeff Goldblumowi and his wife Emily Livingston.

These stars have their twins! Among them, Selena Gomez, beyoncé and Ariana Grande >>>

Age difference is not visible at all in the case Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. And it is 11 years old. It is also hard to believe that 9 years Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikisa. Florence Pughone of the most exciting British Actresses of the younger generation loudly said she did not understand, from the temptation of her fans that her partner actor Zach Braff from her 20 years older. – Hejtem don’t think Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Beautiful actress and former Miss world she’s older than her husband by 10 years.

More and more couples who love each other despite their significant age difference, you will find in our GALLERY >>>

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