Fan hacks Ariana Grande’s website and demands a new album “worth it”

Ariana Grande she hasn’t even started recording her new album yet, but she already has a fan demanding a project that is “worth it” and sent a message to the singer through her own official website, which was hacked.

Ariana Grande has a thank u, next button on The Voice chair
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The message appeared on the singer’s website on Wednesday night (25), when it was hacked, and asked Ariana Grande a 7th album with “expensive productions like ‘Dangerous Woman’” and also criticized the “cheap trap” of “positions”, the singer’s latest album.

The message, of course, has since been deleted from the site, but not before fans of the singer took a “print” and saved it for posterity.

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Ariana Grande website hacked
Photo: Twitter (@arianagrandebr)

“Ariana, if you see this, make ‘AG7’ worth it, give us expensive productions like ‘Dangerous Woman’, no more cheap Tommy Brown trap beats from ‘positions’. We’ve had ENOUGH.

Give us outreach, give us an iconic photo shoot, give us what we WANT!”

Ariana Grande donates $1.5 million to fight anti-transgender legislation

Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande sing live duet for the first time ever
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One of an artist’s missions is to use their reach for those who need support. Ariana Grande has just partnered with Pledge – a charity-centric fundraising platform – to launch the ‘Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund’, which the singer and actress says was founded “to support organizations that provide direct services and advocate for the rights of trans youth”.

The fund was launched last Thursday (31/3), which marked the International Day of Trans Visibility. The goal is to fight the growing attacks on account of transphobic legislation in the United States, such as bills launched in Arizona and Texas to impede the rights of transgender children.

Right now”, the singer said in a statement announcing the ‘Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund’, “there are hundreds of bills pending in state legislatures across the United States that target trans youth and seek to restrict their rights. The impact of fighting these anti-trans laws and policies is felt year-round by trans people, their families and loved ones.“.

“Please join me in donating to this fundraiser, which will provide critical funds to organizations advocating trans youth in states currently targeted by anti-trans policies,” he urged. Ariana Grandewhich donated US$ 1.5 million.

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