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Fans of GTA 6 have been inundated with leaks on the Rockstar Games game recently, and have not remained idle. While for many it was just a series of uninteresting development videos, for others it proved to be a gold mine of information, through which they began to reconstruct a map of GTA 6.

The contents of the leak indicated the in-game coordinates and, through these, fans were able to create a rudimentary and mostly incomplete map of GTA 6, as you can see above in the Church of GTA tweet. Some of the details, however, are the result of speculation, such as some roads and some borders. The GTA 6 map appears to be massive, anyway.

It is not the first time that players have kicked off such a project. At the time of GTA 5in fact, the fans of the GTA Forum had made a map from the promotional material shared by Rockstar Games. This time, however, it is a leak. This also means that the final result could vary a lot, because what circulated on the net is part of a temporary version of the game.

If you are curious to explore the contents of the GTA 6 leak, here are all 90 videos of the development version shared by the leaker.

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