Fans furious with Billie Eilish. They accuse her of queerbaiting and a relationship with a racist

Billie Eilish, of the young generation’s most beloved artists, has become one of the most hated. In recent days, there has been a strange festival of hate and accusations of queerbaiting on social media. Fans also resent her for dating a guy who wrote racist, fatshaming and homophobic comments years ago.

In early June, the 19-year-old released a nice music video for the song Lost Causein which he dissects his ex-boyfriend. There are excerpts from a house party where he dances with girls, plays Twister and drinks whipped cream. It looks like a typical “girly evening” when one of your friends has a fancy villa.

The clip already has over 45 million views on YouTube. And yes, you can also find sexual undertones in it.

In addition, a few days ago, Bilie Eilish posted photos from the music video plan on Instagram with the note “i love girls”. This completely changed the tone of the video for some people: it turned from a sexy pajama party into a lesbian orgy.

It has all been hailed as queerbaiting, although in my opinion it is a bit of an exaggeration. Is it not possible to just love women while being a woman? Or is Eilish bisexual? But let’s first explain what this new / old word is about.

Billie Eilish’s new music video is rumored to be queerbaiting. What is it actually?


Queerbaiting is a marketing technique that we know well, but had no idea it had a name. It is generally about subtly implying that a given person or pair of characters or artists is homo, but without consuming or even confirming their relationship or orientation on screen or text.

This is to attract (hence the word “bait”) LGBT and heterosexual people, without alienating any of the audience groups. Viewers, readers and listeners are involuntarily carried away by speculation and chasing the bunny. Of course, such actions only harm the LGBT community. Not to mention the fact that it is then kind of used and sold as a product.

The biggest queerbaiting in history was the tATu band – a duo of alleged lesbians admitted themselves years later that their relationship was a promotional act. I would even call it queerbaitrolling, because the girls came from the homophobic Mother of Russia.

Another example from the world of music is a well-known song I Kissed a Girl sung by Katy Perry. Who hasn’t wondered if she was autobiographical? It does not matter, however. It is important that the hit made its way into the maistream mainly due to the “scandalous” text.

We also have a lot of queerbaiting on both the big and small screen, which fires the imagination of the fandom – not only among female heroes. Viewers wondered if some of the detectives from Sherlock had only a professional relationship, or if those looks between Finn and Poe in Star Wars: Skywalker. Rebirth ”are not too ambiguous?

Now, when I am aware of this phenomenon, I will not be able to watch anything normally, without wondering if I should get caught up in some marketing games again. Thanks, Billie.

Queerbaiting is a piece of cake with Billie Eilish’s boyfriend’s racist and homophobic posts.

But let’s get back to the drama. Everyone suspected the singer was LGBT, but she was caught with 10 years older actor Matthew Tyler Vorce at Disneyland. Queer people were disappointed, abused, and furious to be so baited, back in Duma Month. Eilish was dumped this in posts with the hashtag #youlikegirls.

By the way, Internet detectives shot Eilish’s new boyfriend. The 29-year-old probably is, or maybe just was, the guy from his girlfriend’s biggest hit – “bad guy”. People dug up to his posts from a few years ago. The stuff Matthew Tyler Vorce was listing was – to put it mildly – inappropriate.

The actor used forbidden words for “N” and “f” (in our case for “M” and “p” respectively), and also called Adele Piggy. He also wrote that “women who consider themselves free spirits are mere k * rwami.” The oldest posts discovered in the research date back to 2011.

Billie Eilish fans wondered like an artist who does a lot, incl. for the body-positive movement and to support the Black Lives Matter, could be with such a terrible man. And they fired up the classic sequence for internet cancel culture. There is no nice Polish equivalent for this, but let’s assume that it is about the deletion culture.

The hashtag was trending on Twitter this week #billieeilishisoverpartyso that as many people as possible find out about the sins of the 19-year-old and her boyfriend. On TikTok, in turn, teenagers recorded videos on which they got rid of Bilie Eilish’s posters, clothes and t-shirts. Will it do anything? Of course not.

Cancel culture is a controversial trend in recent years. However, it slowly eats its own tail.

Any self-thinking person will not cut the artist off, because he imagined her naked in bed with several girls. Nor can he be responsible for someone else’s entries from a decade ago. What if the peasant has matured and changed? This situation shows that cancel culture has to be handled more carefully than the egg.

James Gunn stopped being the director of the third part of Guardians of the Galaxy for a while because his old Twitter “jokes” had been pulled for him. Fortunately, Disney recovered in time and the rebellious creator returned to the MCU. However, Jenna Marbles, for example, had 20 million subscribers on YouTube, but fell into the shadows. Last year, a cesspool behind her blackface spilled over her – once in a video she made up to pretend to be Nicki Minaj.

The case of Billie Eilish, however, shows that now all you have to do is do literally anything that can be over-interpreted and you end up on the pile on the spot. And it won’t be your previous good deeds that count, but this one last “transgression.”

It is said that the Internet does not forget, but there are more and more such far-flung scandals, because everyone is looking for a cheap sensation. After all, they “lock” themselves. In this maze of inb it is difficult to focus on one, let alone be up to date or know about them all. Fortunately, most of us will sleep anyway.

* Main photo: still from Billie Eilish / YouTube

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