Fans of “Friends” will be disappointed by the words of Jennifer Aniston. She would have been kind, but this is not the case

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston will play both Ross and Rachel over the years in “Friends”. As a couple, they came and parted, and their relationship was supported by many production fans. No wonder that the actor’s revelation about their crush on each other on the set electrified many people. Years later, rumors appeared about their romance. What does the actress say?

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Jennifer Aniston referred to reports of an affair with David Schwimmer

The chemistry that emerged between the two actors was mentioned by Schwimmer in a special episode of “Friends”. It turned out then that his friend from the set reciprocated his feelings, but they both never decided to go beyond certain limits. It was about their relationships. Some fans of the series felt very sorry for both actors. In the media, however, reports appeared that they allegedly reunited years later. Aniston and Schwimmer denied everything. Now the actress in one of the interviews for ET ridiculed all the rumors.

That was crazy. I couldn’t really believe it. Seriously? This is my brother, he said.

However, she showed understanding about these rumors. She stated that this shows how much hope there is in people for their dreams to come true.

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So there is no point in counting on suddenly hearing official news that Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are a couple. Nevertheless, many star relationships were born on the sets of various productions. It is enough to mention Tamara Arciuch and Bartek Kasprzykowski or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pita, although their relationship did not survive the test of time and was not kind to Aniston, with whom the actor divorced.

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