Fans Of STALKER 2 Have Discovered An Encrypted Message On The Game Site

Fans Of Stalker 2 Have Discovered An Encrypted Message On The Game Site

Yesterday on the official website STALKER 2 appeared the debut poster of the game with music. As it became known, in the track, the developers left a message to fans.

Starting from 21 seconds, you can clearly hear the message encrypted in Morse code.

Knowledgeable “Morzian” players tried to decipher the text. Here is one of the versions :

I don’t know if anyone hears me, but it doesn’t matter. I got used to loneliness, the Zone made sense to everything. I have to wait.

The art itself does not leave alone: ​​some try to see some inscription on the wall of the Chernobyl reactor, and another fan “determined” by eye ages that the person in the image none other than Shooter.

STALKER 2 announced in May 2018. Release to held in 2021th.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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