Fantastic animals 2: when J. K. Rowling defended Johnny Depp, in spite of everything

Johnny Depp was chosen for fantastic beasts 2 and J. K. Rowling, the defences to the sword by those who would have wanted out of the cast because of the accusations of his ex-wife Amber Heard: now the time seems to have given reason.






J. K. Rowling defended the casting of Johnny Depp in the role of Grindelwald in Fantastic animals 2 and some fans criticized with veemanza this choice in response to allegations of domestic violence raised by Amber Heard, the ex-wife of the star of the show.

The Harry Potter author and screenwriter of Imaginary animals: the crimes of Grindelwald, released a statement in December 2017, saying: “I and all the other producers of the film, we are not only at ease in confirming the original cast, but we are absolutely thrilled to have Johnny Depp in one of the main roles of the film.” Today, however, the situation seems to have reversed in favor of the plaintiff and of the choice of the writer.

Fantastic Animals 2 Johnny Depp Premiere 4

Imaginary animals: The crimes of Grindelwald, Johnny Depp at London premiere 4

The following year, Johnny Depp stated in an interview on Entertaintment Weekly: “I’ll be honest, I regret very much that J. K. Rowling has been forced to intervene publicly in my defense. I feel guilt for what he has had to listen to all those rumors on my account, but in the end the fact is that I have been unjustly accused, that’s why, for example, I’m denouncing the newspaper ‘The Sun’ for libel in repeating those false allegations. J. K. has seen the evidence, and then know that I have been unjustly accused, that’s why I defended publicly. She does not take things lightly, he would not have done if he had not known the truth. And this is it.”

Recently have been published recordings, probably coming from some of the sessions of couple therapy that Johnny Depp has wisely chosen to register, in which the Heard scoffs and taunts the actor after he admitted to having repeatedly hit. In all probability these were the “tests” to which Depp was referring in the interview to Entertaintment Weekly, probably these were the documents that have contributed to the fact that Rowling decides to defend him publicly.

Depp is doing because the ex-wife for $ 50 million, accusing it of defamation, if the Amber Heard should be declared guilty risk three years in prison. Some sources in recent days have revealed that she probably was fired from Aquaman 2, and that from now on will no longer be the official spokesperson of L’oreal Paris. Remember that last year Johnny Depp, because of the accusations made by Amber, has lost the role of Jack Sparrow in the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean; fortunately, it seems that, in view of this new evidence, the executives at Disney may choose to review their decision.
With regard to the saga of J. K. Rowling instead, after the fantastic Animals 2, Johnny Depp is expected to take the role of Grindelwald in the third film.

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