Fantastic Four – Emily Blunt doesn’t want to play the superhero!

Author: Mikołaj Lipkowski
July 22, 2021

There were rumors on the Internet about Emily Blunt’s possible appearance as Susan Storm in the movie Fantastic Four. It turns out that Emily Blunt doesn’t want to play in any superhero movie.

Despite negative comment on rumors regarding Emily Blunt’s casting as Susan Storm in the film Fantastic Four, the actress has now definitely stated that she has no intention of playing any superheroine.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, which was to promote the film Expedition to the Jungle. The famous The Rock told you briefly about his role in Black Adam, while Blunt pointed out that superhero movies just aren’t for her.

I really understand that superhero movies are like a religion to a lot of people. But they don’t speak the same way to me. I’m not eager to play a superhero.

These comments are similar to the comments Blunt made in May about superhero movies. There were rumors that Blunt was talking to play in the planned F.the Antastic Four at the side of her husband John Krasiński, something that many fans have been rooting for for years. In an interview with Howard Stern, Blunt denied the rumors.

Really not… it’s exhausting. We are drunk – it’s not only all the movies, but also endless series.

Fantastic Four without John Krasinski and Emily Blunt?  Marvel wants the team to be racially diverse?

Fantastic Four logo

Emily Blunt’s husband, John Krasinski, was more open to the idea of ​​playing Mr. Fantastic, so his place in this film is still not beyond the realm of possibilities. It looks like he won’t be there with Blunt as the Invisible Woman. While well aware of the fans’ interest, Blunt doesn’t seem intrigued by the prospect of playing Sue Storm. It may also be more convenient for Marvel as they want the team to be more diverse.

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As Watts is in production now Spider-Man: No Way Home, we will rather not watch it soon Fantastic Four. But it seems worth the wait for some decent results after two successive movie versions failed one after the other.

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