Fantastic Four without John Krasinski and Emily Blunt? Marvel wants the team to be racially diverse?

Author: Michał Celej
July 7, 2021

Until quite recently Kevin Feige, reassured the fansthat news on the casting Fantastic Four they won’t come too soon. Today, however, several “colorful” reports about the film hit the web!

It is worth mentioning at the beginning that these are just leaks that do not have to work. So … according to the portal, Marvel Studios wants to cast as many, and maybe even all, team members with actors of various races, in addition to the white race. As you know, that would be a big departure from the Marvel comics where the Fantastic Four were all white. In the first film adaptation of 2005, the creators noticeably stuck to the source. In the second adaptation, which came in 2015, 20th Century Fox took a little detour from the comics and cast Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. What will it be like in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie? It looks like it will be colorful.

Fantastic Four without John Krasinski and Emily Blunt?  Marvel wants the team to be racially diverse?

Movie logo Fantastic Four

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If these plans turn out to be true, the appearance of John Krasinski as Reed Richards and Emil Blunt as Sue Storm seems unrealistic. Additionally, according to the portal, Marvel Studios is looking for younger actors aged 20-30. However, it is better to wait for official information regarding Fantastic Fourand treat today’s reports with a pinch of salt.

As Watts is in production now Spider-Man 3, we will rather not watch it soon Fantastic Four. But it seems worth the wait for some decent results after two successive movie versions failed one after the other.

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