Fantasy books to read: the 10 most beautiful ever

The fantasy books they are an incredible source of entertainment, the reader is enchanted by fantastic worlds never seen before, reading becomes an adventure and each page hides new magic to be discovered. The Fantasy has no age, young people and adults can find what they need in this vast literary genre. Despite this, some stories are written specifically for fantasy-loving adults while others have lighter and more suitable content for everyone. There most titles that we will mention will sound familiar to you, i fantasy masterpieces they are the perfect starting point for highly successful film products. Here are some ideas to find new sagas to devournew writers to adore and new must-see books.

Why fantasy books are so loved

The Fantasy it is a genre that over time has been able to conquer more and more readers, distinguishing itself in particular for its ability to bring young readers closer to the world of reading. Adventure, mystery, unique characters and much more, all set in a supernatural reality. It is therefore not difficult to imagine the reasons that make this genre so popular even among different age groups. As we said, fantasy stories attract young people but not only, those who grow up loving the stories that talk about science fiction and magical worlds remain fond of the genre. For this reason, while some sagas are aimed mainly at a young audience such as for example Harry Potterothers are created specifically to entertain more mature readers.

A feature of fantasy novels is serial publishingthis means that by waiting for the next volume the readers grow together with the story or that in general a lasting bond is created from the beginning of the saga to the long-awaited ending.

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What to read after reading Harry Potter?

JK Rowling, author of the most famous wizard ever, is credited with having brought new generations closer to a hobby that was slowly disappearing: reading. After the splendid Harry Potter saga, new readers may find the stories of another young protagonist equally interesting: Percy Jackson, a story inspired by Greek mythology born from the mind of Rick Riordan. Another classic of fantasy literature is the book series that narrates them Chronicles of Narnia: The 2000s film adaptation made CS Lewis’ masterpiece very famous, giving a new wave of popularity to the novels as well. Among the most popular children’s titles there is also the trilogy of Hunger Gameswritten by Suzanne Collins a little over ten years ago and quickly became one of the best known stories of the genre.

A fantasy saga that has sold many copies thanks to a mainly female fanbase is instead Twilightthe vampire story that has made many teenagers and even a few more mature women dream.

Fantasy books for adults

The fantasy genre plays with the reader’s imagination by evoking fairy tales so loved in childhood and the nostalgic feeling makes stories written for kids are great entertainment for adults too, however, the fantasy genre is a great foundation. to weave mature and intricate textures. An example of this is the saga of Game of Thrones, the gory story of George RR Martin already widely appreciated thanks to the TV series inspired by it. But as always, the books are something else, the author has not in fact concluded the saga yet and the readers are forced to wait with bated breath to discover the true ending of this very elaborate plot. Among the absolute most popular and recommended sagas for adults, one cannot fail to mention The Lord of the Rings: Tolkien is undoubtedly one of the most important writers of the twentieth century and in three volumes (not counting The Hobbit, The Silmarillion and all the books that followed) created a huge fantasy world, rich in detail, extraordinary and timeless.

Ten must-read fantasy books

In summary, the really unmissable sagas among those already mentioned are: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Game of thrones And The Lord of the Rings.

In the ranking of the fantasy to read absolutely we also include the cycle of Shannara, written by Terry Brooks: it is a trilogy placed in a vast imaginary world told by a total of 34 volumes. There Golden compass is the masterpiece of Philip Pullman, a story suitable for young people but also for adults thanks to the complex themes dealt with: in addition to the (questionable) film released in 2007 with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, a more recent TV series is also dedicated to the trilogy, which has been much more successful among the public and has recently been renewed for the third season (you can retrieve it on Now).

The very famous saga of the Italian author Licia Troisi deserves a place in the ranking, Chronicles of the Emerged World. Let us mention then Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, a novel that combines history, fantasy and romance, known mainly thanks to the TV series inspired by it.

L’Through mirrors is the demonstration that the fantasy genre is always able to create new and engaging narratives: born from the mind of the writer Christelle Dabos and published less than ten years ago, the saga immediately positioned itself among the best sellers not to be missed. Finally, we mention the latest phenomenon that exploded thanks to Netflix: the transmedia saga of The Witcherwhich comes from the series of books by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski but which has achieved success thanks to video games and, precisely, to the series with Henry Cavill, is a fantasy tale with a modern flavor, an engaging and dark story.

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