Far Cry 6 Improved by Ubisoft. The third patch improves the display of HD textures

Far Cry 6 did not impress the reviewers (journalists average: 7.4 / 10; players 4.6 / 10 on Metacritic). One of the problems of this production are bugs that Ubisoft is working on eliminating.

The French publisher has just released the third patch for Far Cry 6. This time the most important changes concern the xbox and pc releases. On personal computers it was improved first of all texture display from HD package (especially on hardware with lower amounts of VRAM) that may have previously blurred. As for the Xbox One, fixed a bug where the Vaas DLC was not displaying correctly after launching the production. The developers have also corrected the problem with the weapon selection wheel on Xbox One and the stuttering cursor on the Xbox Series X | S version.

The patch takes from 10 to 22 GB – depending on the version of Far Cry 6. In addition to the above-mentioned changes only for PC and Xbox, in all versions of the FPP shooter we receive a number of improvements such as Quality of Life. Ubisoft mentions improved HUD display and above all about increasing the text size in the game after selecting the appropriate option in the menu. The company also fixed instances of poor display of NPC models during longer co-op sessions.

I would like to remind you that Far Cry 6 has recently introduced a DLC with Vaas, one of the most iconic antagonists not only in the Far Cry series, but in the history of the brand in general.

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