Farmers lost one and a half million zlotys, and the state got back on them!

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“The farmers have been deceived in cold blood. A man who deceived farmers feels unpunished today, and the state remains passive, ”thundered Michał Kołodziejczak.

A press conference with the participation of the AgroUnia leader took place on Thursday, January 13 in Skotniki (Miłosław commune) and concerned a local company that had deceived farmers from the Września poviat. You can read about the case HERE.

– We have been cooperating with the company that deceived the farmers for a long time. Everybody was happy. Farmers received fertilizers, and payments were made on time – he said Michał Koszarek, AgroUnii coordinator for the Września poviat.

That changed in 2021.

– The company has been operating on the market for 12 years. It comes from a farm. The owner is a farmer. I do not know how it turned out that he used his neighbors and extorted money from them. The farmers who ordered the goods did not get it. Today they have no money to buy more fertilizers. They have nothing to fertilize the plants with, added Michał Koszarek.

In the case, 35 farmers were defrauded for a total amount of PLN 1.5 million. Companies are also affected.

– We are dealing with a crime. I would even say that it was planned. They were made deliberately. The man who deceived the farmers feels with impunity today. He planned everything in cold blood. I am surprised by the passivity of the state – he said Michał Kołodziejczak, leader of AgroUnii. – People who want to deceive someone in Poland can plan it, and the state remains passive. I am surprised that the deputies who constitute the law did not come to Skotniki.

The leader of AgroUnia argued that the legal system in Poland should be changed in order to protect aggrieved farmers in the future.

– At such moments, a stabilization fund should operate in Poland. At this point, the state should first reimburse farmers for this fertilizer. The state has tools that will allow you to collect receivables from the company that has cheated. The state can wait (for money – editor’s note). Farmers cannot. We must publicize such matters, otherwise there will be more such situations in Poland – warned Michał Kołodziejczak.

Among the deceived farmers there are, among others Adam Spychała from Książna, who lost 82 thousand. zloty. He also stated that state services, including the police and the prosecutor’s office, had failed in the whole situation. For this he praised the help of Michał Kołodziejczak and the MP from the Left Tadeusz Tomaszewski.

– After that, something finally started to happen. Recently, I was questioned by the police. It is sad that the state does not defend us. I am sorry that such matters have to be dealt with in the street – said Adam Spychała.

The farmer also mentioned last week’s activities of farmers in Pałczyna. We wrote about it HERE.

– The police gave us instructions. I have been cooperating with the company from Skotnik for three years. We made 11 transactions and there were never any problems. The owner of the company was washing my eyes for three months, that the goods would arrive, that I should eat Christmas Eve with my family. Meanwhile, on January 3, 2022, I received a text message that I should contact the restructuring officer. Until today, no meeting with him has taken place – lamented the host from Książno.

– The law is written today for those who want to deceive people. The owner of the company we are facing today spoke to the end to pay the advances. In the meantime, he was preparing all the documents needed for the restructuring. Today, the owner of this company has no assets. From the information we have, his estate has been transferred to family members. This shows with what cold blood and premeditation this man prepared to deceive farmers and companies – added Michał Kołodziejczak.

He also spoke Grzegorz Dobrosielski, a representative of the local producer group:

– We have been cooperating with this company for four years. Was well. In August, we ordered several hundred tons of fertilizer for the amount of approximately PLN 250,000. PLN (the group did not pay the money to the company from Skotnik – editor’s note). The owner of the company planned this scam because he was taking orders on an ongoing basis. It was planned. He was washing our eyes all the time. We ordered fertilizer for PLN 1,150 net, and today you have to pay about PLN 3,000 per ton. We have known the owner of the company for years. He asked us for a payment, but we said we would only do it when the goods entered us, five minutes after the goods were unloaded. We are aggrieved by the principle of an unrealized order – said Dobrosielski.

– It pains me that our closest neighbor has deceived us. I bought fertilizer at the end of September. He was deceiving me all the time. The last time I spoke to him was before Christmas. He said that I should be calm, that there will be fertilizer by the end of the year – said another deceived farmer, Rafał Stefaniak from Książna. – There are people here who went to school with him, who sat in the desk with him. He used them as well. The worst part is that to buy fertilizer today we have to make a prepayment. Meanwhile, saltpetre must be sown in the field in March. What are we supposed to do? Should we go to the bank for the money? He asked bitterly.

– If the fertilizers do not reach the field in time, there will be no crops – noted Michał Koszarek.

– I was cheated on 44 thousand. zloty. I paid the entire amount in August – said another of the deceived people.

The gathered farmers complained that in Poland it was not possible to buy fertilizers directly from producers. As they added, the rulers advise them to shorten the supply chains, but there is no such possibility.

– Why is this fertilizer given through distributors? Allow farmers to do so, and not make intermediaries earn – appealed Rafał Stefaniak.

Michał Kołodziejczak from AgroUnia promised that he would join in helping farmers. He regretted that it was not done by politicians who receive generous wages from taxpayers.

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