Fashion dynasty: the Kravitz, hot rock

Who can resist their charm? Not many people, anyway. Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz are among these exceptional figures who possess a kind of hypnotizing occult force. Each appearance dazzles us and their talent in all areas only reinforces this attraction. Between 7th art, hit albums and exceptional red carpet moments, the Kravitz constantly seduce us. Each of them brought their own unique vision to fashion, while sharing an innate sense of individuality and creativity. But then would there be a common sense of fashion between the parents (now divorced) and the daughter prodigy Zoë?

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Lenny Kravitz, the immortal rocker

Lenny Kravitz is a true rock legend across the Atlantic with more than 38 million albums sold. A feat, certainly, but the singer is just as renowned for his sense of style as for his music. Its unusual look mixes the world of classic rock with a spiritual touch and timeless elegance. In the city as on stage, the interpreter of “Are You Gonna Go My Way” has managed to create a very identifiable wardrobe that has even been copied by a good number of contemporary artists. Obviously, perfectly tailored leather jackets and pants are mainstays of her fashion repertoire along with biker boots and loose scarves. This mix of leather and accessories gives her style a badass yet sophisticated feel. And then, what would Lenny Kravitz be without his eternal sunglasses? At 59, the man who never seems to age rarely takes off his sunglasses which have become his signature. Retro or more extravagant models, the perfect balance for a unique style. Such fashion audacity that the rocker has become a global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté for the “Y” perfume. Consecration.

Lisa Bonet, the bohemian

Lisa Bonet was made famous for her role in the sitcom “The Cosby Show”. If she has had a few successes in the cinema or on television, it is above all for her impeccable and original wardrobe, as well as her publicized love stories, that the public knows her. Lisa Bonet embodies bohemian elegance with a hint of mystery. His style is unique and captivating. Her unique look is characterized by casual layering, loose-fitting clothing such as wool cardigans and straw hats, creating an aesthetic that is both comfortable and chic. She knows how to play with bohemian jewelry, often sporting ethnic pieces and precious stones that add a touch of light and authenticity to her sometimes quite simple outfits. It’s all in the right dosage, right? Obviously, floral and ethnic prints are also a constant in her wardrobe, which she skillfully incorporates into long dresses and blouses, lending a romantic touch to her overall look. Lisa Bonet, 55, is a true icon adored by photographers during her appearances on red carpets or even during Fashion Week.

Zoë Kravitz, the sharp and versatile fashion icon

Zoë Kravitz is one of the most sought-after faces in American cinema. After playing supporting roles in major productions, her career took a turn when she was given the opportunity to play Catwoman in “The Batman” in 2022 opposite Robert Pattinson. But she is not just a brilliant actress, she is also a confident fashionista who unites millions of admirers behind her always perfectly put together looks. This is thanks, in particular, to the work of her stylist Andrew Mukamal, who also works for Margot Robbie (that’s the level). Zoë Kravitz embodies modern eclecticism. Yes, Zoë Kravitz is resolutely anchored in her time. And that’s what pleases so much. Her style is distinguished by its refined minimalism, where she often opts for clean, contemporary outfits, ranging from well-tailored monochrome to statement-making asymmetrical cuts. Because nothing is “plan-plan” at Zoë Kravitz and she will always succeed in twisting a silhouette with daring accessories, such as XXL earrings and imposing necklaces or a handbag from elsewhere. We could even say that Zoë Kravitz is avant-garde… In short, you understand, we are won over.

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