Fashion show of Made Factory pro Anffas Crema. Beauty is everywhere and labels are not needed

Anffas Cream
A moment from the Wednesday evening fashion show at the via Toffetti gym

Children, young people, adults with and without disabilities. On the catwalk, hand in hand. To demonstrate that beauty is everywhere and that labels are useless. With them also some dogs on wheels, four-legged friends who have encountered the condition of disability on the path of life. And they didn’t stop.
“In all its forms, the message this evening is clear: diversity is wealth and enrichment for our community”. So a glitzy one Jessica Sole Negritogether with Maximilian Lapris opened – Wednesday evening – the sixth Made Factory pro Anffas Crema charity fashion show.

A moment of true inclusion

“A great I come backafter two years of hiatus. A long and tiring job, but one which convinces us with each edition that we have done the right thing,” he said Vera Doldi.
In front of her the grandstands of the Alina Donati gym of via Toffetti were packed with people, among those who also took part in theappetizer and who did not want to miss the fashion show.
Many i Crema brands on the catwalk to support Anffas: Andrea Tosetti, Il Singulare, Onesto Clothing, Bestya Fitness, Sabri Abbigliamento, Giòlina, Vesti curvy, Rotelle nel cuore, Decathlon by Pieve Fissiraga.
The models with disabilities of Anffas Crema are also very happy. “We are proud – continues Doldi – also this year to have given us a moment of truth inclusion to the city. On the catwalk we demonstrate that the barriers hey prejudices they are torn apart by the desire to tell themselves as they are, with a beautiful dress. Thanks to one and all. Nice to be here with all of you tonight.”

Part of the proceeds to the intensive and educational services of Anffas

Part of the proceeds (a total of 2,800 euros were collected) from the evening will go to support i intensive and educational services of Anffas, designed for children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorders.
As the organizer clarified Clare Monga: “The intent of this evening is to focus attention on youth issues, experienced by people with disabilities.”
Here because the hashtag now viral of the initiative was #Zoom. “It intends to recall an Anffas project dedicated to teenagers”.

For over half a century, Anffas has been alongside people with disabilities and families

Greetings and thanks also came from the president of the Alba Foundation Paolo Marchesi and youth service coordinators Serena Pedrinazzi (Alternative day service) e Fabrizio Carrera (Childhood).
Marchesi underlined Anffas’ commitment to walk alongside people with disabilities and their families. A commitment that has lasted for more than 50 years, but which “has changed shape in recent years”.
Anffas, in order to comply with the new regulations, has split up with aAssociation of social promotion for awareness activities and a Foundation in charge of service management. “The objectives and goals remain unchanged and shared: we want make inclusion, exactly as we are doing tonight all together on this catwalk. Because these kids can have a better future”.

From the municipal administration attention to social issues

Applause for the initiative, which enjoyed municipal patronage, also came from the councilors for culture and youth policies George Cardile and to Welfare and social cohesion Anastasie Musumary.
For Cardile “on social issues it is useful make culture. Events like this suggest the direction to follow. It is a necessary cultural change”.
Musumary recalled how “this evening he comes celebrated the beautiful. Because beauty is everywhere. There diversity, our being different, is beautiful. Because it enriches us. And because it helps us understand that each of us has potential that deserves to be exploited. On social issues, especially on disability in adulthood, much remains to be done. The associations and operators who deal with it every day do a lot, but the administration wants to continue walking with them. For an ever more attentive and welcoming city”.

Monologue, music and lots of fun

At the end of the speeches, the evening kicked off with some special, eagerly awaited guests: Laura Locatelli and Alessandro Maria Bosio. A monologue on labels and lots of music. To have fun and have fun. Because even laughing together is beautiful.

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