Fashion week, fashion… to be stylish, do we have to be noticed from afar?

If fashion is older than all of us, it may well have entered its teenage crisis. Since her debut, she’s been flashy, experimental, and sometimes high-spirited, but in recent years, she’s had the demon. A rebellious creature who always wants to be more striking and more avant-garde than anyone. After noticing the hype of the weird and its bad taste, another trend jumps out at us. Just look at the sidewalks of Fashion Week to notice it, the majority of fashionistas only have eyes for the maxi (when they don’t opt ​​for the ultra mini). Should we conclude that to be stylish, you have to be noticed from miles away?

A balanced look… why?

Flashy colors, daring materials, incongruous accessories… what is supposed to be the crème de la crème of fashion (the one that has its entries in the most select catwalks) almost swears by theextravagance. In Copenhagen, Danish fashion immediately took over with quasi-sculptural and architectural forms. The goal: to get noticed for his sharp eye for style and finish under the flashes of photographers. Is that what style is all about? After all, if the Big Four attract these looks every Fashion Week, it’s probably because it’s the essence of cool. But then what to do with our more traditional outfits? Although they excel in the art of combining parts, are Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner boring because they are too classic? These are two visions of style that clash. And the one who would like the whole world to be extra in her clothing choices is very often confirmed by the catwalks. When the labels don’t play at sticking prostheses on their models, they don’t hesitate to play with their staging to mark the spirits. Even the ultra-minimalist Coperni has been playing the game for two seasons. First with her dress sprayed on Bella Hadid, then with her clique of robot dogs. The bags are the deposit eccentricity when they are solid gold or meteorite. Latest arrival in fashion, the XXL flower in 3D. Of all colors, they have invaded the catwalks of Copenhagen and participate in the unstructured shapes of ever more extra silhouettes.

Less space, more style

We have to resolve it, the monuments of luxury are now threatened by smaller ones, perceived as cooler. JW Anderson – at Loewe as for its eponymous brand – is one of the fiercest. The key to success ? He made the WTF his trademark. With the Briton as with others (Arte, Balenciaga, Gucci…), exaggeration prevails. The colors are vivid, the shapes are swollen, the sleeves drag on the ground and the shoes more wedged than a monster truck tire. If in the middle, all these elements are almost part of the furniture for decades, it is his hype which seems to know a peak. For creators, the trend also rhymes with ever more advanced artistic and technical research. On the fashion side, it’s also a way to play humorously with codes. If (and only if) fashion does not end up being reduced to a succession of happenings and too much, there is no reason to worry about it. For us, you will always look so stylish, whether you look like an off duty model or Barbie Bizarre.

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