Fashionable dirty sneakers? Bieber comes up with item

If it’s up to Balenciaga — the brand that made Kim Kardashian its great muse in 2022 — the big trend for sneakers right now is dirt.

After releasing a version all stained and torn at R$ 10,000 a pair, the Paris-based Spanish house launched this Wednesday (22) its new brand campaign, in which Justin Bieber appears with his sneakers beyond detonated.

The model used by the singer is the Track Sneaker with recycled sole, which can be found in the brand’s e-commerce for US$ 1,050 or R$ 5,500 — where it is traditionally sold “clean”.

That is, the pair that Bieber shows in the shoot could have been the one he wears in everyday life or, more likely, was worn especially for the campaign.

Detail of Bieber's dirty sneakers in the Balenciaga campaign - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Detail of Bieber’s dirty sneakers in the Balenciaga campaign

Image: Playback/Instagram

In both cases, Balenciaga seems to announce to the fans that follow its unusual conceptual proposals that the apparent sloppiness, no matter how millimetrically calculated, is the look-desire of the season.

Justin Bieber’s look is completed by a white tank top, the “baggy” pants super wide and destroyed, the D Ring belt and the famous “bat” sunglasses of the brand, so paraded by Kardashian.

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