‘Fast & Furious 10’: Jordan Brewster reveals the secret to keeping the saga alive after 22 years

The Toretto family is finally back in the movies with ‘Fast & Furious 10,’ which means 22 years have passed since the first installment, something that only Jordana Brewster and the main cast know how to survive amidst so much competition. have to stay

The scale of filmmaking rises every year with new platforms, studios and franchises seeking to conquer the world. However, some stories can take true leaps of success and become memorable sagas and Fast & Furious 10 starring Vin Diesel is perfect proof of that giving the franchise a very special place in history, but What’s the secret to staying current for over two decades? you know the secret Jordan Brewster,

And to hear it firsthand, we spoke to the Panamanian interpreter after a trip to Mexico City where, along with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniela Melchior and Louis Leterrier, she got to know thousands of fans up close. In an interview with SensaCine Latam, Brewster assured that the key to Fast & Furious’s success is It’s not how many cars explode, the special effects or the big cast that make them happen, but the belief that the public places in them with each film.

I feel the pressure right away, but the reality is it’s all a team effort and it’s a very collaborative thing.

Of course the head of the team is still Vin Diesel, who “He has command, but everyone else gives us our opinion. So I have faith in us to have great teamwork.”said Jordana Brewster, who has played Mia Toretto since the iconic film Fast & Furious starring Paul Walker.

Main cast passing through Mexico fast and furious 10 He left us all kinds of fun facts that completely change the way we look at the saga, such as Michelle Rodriguez, who Revealed Which Are His Mexican Dishes That He Has Always Enjoyed And there is every possibility that you might have even tried it on weekends with friends and family.

And how can we forget about the musical flavor of Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Daniela Melchior, who sang “Bandoleros” and “See You Again” especially for us, a moment that all fans of the motorized saga will remember Shouldn’t Now, if you’re trying to get ready to watch fast and furious 10So we suggest you take a look at Epic burgers, perfect for filling After watching the adrenaline and explosions for over two hours and 20 minutes.

don’t forget it fast and furious 10 It’s available in cinemas now and you can buy your tickets here following links and thus save you the fact of wasting time consulting other applicationsSomething you should consider as this new installment will give a lot to talk about, especially with a shocking ending that shows a promising future for the saga.

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